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The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space

(written and drawn by Brian Webb)<br\> Updated every Thursday<br\> <br\>

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Vision Impaired Transcript

<br\> Hamilton: Thank you for your co-operation.<br\> Store Owner: Yeah, yeah. I'm going to be watching you so don't try to break anything.<br\> Hamilton: We only need a copy. Of course you can watch.<br\> Store Owner: Hmph.<br\> Hamilton: So, how's it going?<br\> F: We think it was about nine right?<br\> Hamilton: That's what Carol said.<br\> F: At twevel after. A van pulls up, two people get out. Go to the alley.<br\> Hamilton: And eight minutes later, they run back and it pulls away<br\> F:We've seen up to a quarter to eleven, nothing else happens.<br\> Hamilton: Can we see a plate on the van?<br\> F: No, but let me go back...<br\> Hamilton: The van, the side's dirty? No, that was a logo.<br\> <br\>

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