Myk-El Miller

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Myk-El Miller
ResidenceSerenity Valley
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerJupiter Mining Corporation

Primary Writer: JFerio


5'11", with short, severely styled dark brown hair. He had fairly athletic looking limbs, but a very prominent paunch. He usually dresses in jeans, topped with a tshirt covered in some loud patterned shirt, usually a red hawaiian or one covered in Superman's shield. Normally pretty centered, but beware the bomb attached to the end of this man's fuse....

His main hobby, outside of his work for Jupiter Mining Corporation, and the training classes he provides, is Asteroid Racing. The other two are fun vocations for him. This is his life.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Doesn't This Guy Blink?: Normally unflappable. Not quite to the Jamie Hyneman level of unflappable, but he doesn't blink at stuff that even some Fen can get weirded out about. And this is despite his Fendane trappings. He does have a temper, and can be squicked, he just doesn't let it out much.
  • Ninja Socialite: Can blend into 'Dane cultures fairly easy. Most Fen mistake him for Fendane upon first meeting, but it's only a ruse, useful for freaking the 'Danes.
  • He's Called The Stig: Very capable pilot, winner of the 'Hot Hatch Unmodified' Asteroid Racing for the past couple of years, and considered a serious threat in the 'Hot Hatch Modified'. A goodly part of this is his vehicle, StarJumper. It is speculated that he may have played the part of The Stig's Fenspace Cousin in the Fenspace special episode of Top Gear.


  • Time To Adjust Your Medication?: Tends to get a little frazzled by some of the more... colorful examples of the Fen, but he's more apt to gently correct them then to yell at them. Unless they persist.
  • Are You Sure We're From The Same Country?: Gets annoyed at some of the more dogmatic of the various factions.

'Wavium Abilities

None, although he doesn't put it out of mind should he get into a medical emergency like Jeph did....


None, but has ties to the Supers, and the Browncoats.

Companies and Transports

Vice President of Operations (read: I make the decisions of Jeph's not around) of Jupiter Mining Corporation. Usually found aboard Starbug 1, or his Mini Cooper S StarJumper. He also consults as a trainer, specializing in Space Safety and Handwavium Handling.


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