Naedial Warringer

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Naedial Warringer
BornAugust 30, 1979(1979-08-30)
ResidenceToy Box until 2012
Thrillmaster since 2012
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesNae
EducationElectric Technician
Occupationnominally CEO
Captain of the Toy Box until 2012
Captain of the Thrillmaster since 2012
EmployerWhistler Orbital Services

Primary Writer: Warringer

  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: not telling
  • Build: lean
  • Hair: gray
  • Eyes: gray-blue
  • Common Dress: 'waved wetsuit, 'space corset' ('waved Tactical Corset with pouches and speed drive)

Naedial Warringer is the result of an accidental biomod of one of the builders of the Toy Box. While creating the outer hull of the space ship, he came into contact with too much handwavium and eventually transformed into something of a winged anthro wolf. She calls herself a wolf-dragon hybrid, or wogon for short.

During the building of KA Preiswert she was accidentally exposed to hard vacuum for about fifteen minutes, where she found out that she can survive in vacuum without a spacesuit. Since then she got rid of anything that makes work in space harder, opting to only use a breathing mask.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Wait What?: She has something of an overactive fhatasy when she wants to have it. That allows her to come up with very strange ideas that somehow work out in the end.
  • Maybe that wire: Trained Electronic Technician

Handwavium Abilities

  • Vacuum? What Vacuum?: Due to the nature of the handwavium strain, namely one to vacuum proof the hull of the Toy Box, Naedial is vacuum proof as well. she can go out into space with only a breathing mask.


  • I can't see you sweat: With her biomod she is unable to sweat, however her larger wings make up for that.
  • What do you mean you can't fly?: While she does possess a pair of large wings, they are usable to fly. Instead they act as large radiator panels to equalize her inability to sweat.
  • Wogon? Isn't that 'Vogon'?: Naedial may quip about making bad poetry, but never, ever allow her to actually follow through with reciting poetry.


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