Nanbara's Luck

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Spacecraft Registry
HDV Nanbara's Luck
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRelatively ordinary van
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerThomas Morgan
Primary CrewMorgan
Irene (remote control, only works at relatively short distances)
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by Morganni)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Thinks it is a cat: Requires affection and catnip to work effectively. Lots of catnip. Has also been known to rub up against people nearby when unoccupied. Somehow manages to do this without injuring them, or in fact seeming to move.


  • Also retains its standard internal combustion powertrain.
  • Has memory plastic structures which, when activated, allow it to float in water.
  • Drive can be controlled in several different ways.