Naoko Sato

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Naoko Sato
Naoko sato.jpg
Naoko Sato at Crystal Paris, days before being unmasked as a zwilnick
Residence2462 Nehalennia, Main Belt
OccupationZwilnick Boss
PredecessorLa Mariposa
Successorcurrent office-holder

Open character, created by Rob Kelk

Zwilnick and ex-Sammie commander

Before and during Operation Great Justice, Naoko Sato worked for La Mariposa, one of the more successful druglords in Fenspace. Up until the end of May 2013, she was also the commander of the Sailor Armed Militia force assigned to Crystal Paris.

She isn't the only person who ever ran interference for the druglords, so that they could get their “broadleaf” and thionite stocks away from Venus. But she was very good at that job. She was also very good at her cover job - search and rescue. Naoko was so good at S&R, in fact, that she quickly rose to command of the Crystal Paris Sammie detachment, which gave her a great deal of influence over the traffic control above an entire third of Venus. That made her job of running interference for La Mariposa's ships even easier.

Then came the Interdimensional Incursion Incident, where reserve Sammie (and Stellvia chief pilot) Yayoi Fujisawa and the visitors unmasked the zwilnick. Naoko got away from the OGJ troubleshooters sent to arrest her, and has remained at least a step ahead of pursuit ever since while running La Mariposa's operations in the Main Belt along with Agatha Clay. After the end of Operation Great Justice, the two of them took over what was left of La Mariposa's operations.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • So others may live - Top-notch rescue worker, trained in zero-g operations.
  • “Read the manual”? I wrote the manual - Intimately familiar with Sailor Armed Militia procedures.
  • They made me an offer I couldn't refuse - Deep-cover zwilnick (until the end of May 2013).

Handwavium Attributes



  • I have some scruples... Stays bought; doesn't murder anyone directly.
  • It's still my duty - Will drop other concerns and risk capture to take part in rescue operations.
  • Curse you, Fujisawa! After May 2013, obsessively hates the Stellvians, especially Yayoi Fujisawa, for “ruining” her life.


Boskonians. Until the end of May 2013, also Senshi (Sammie).

Known Associates

La Mariposa, Agatha Clay, Quattro.

Preferred Transport

A 'waved lemon-yellow 2009 Toyota Corolla


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