Natalie Baker

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Natalie Baker
Natalie Baker.png
Nationalityunknown, either United States of America or Fenspace Convention
OccupationCaptain, SV Moondance
Employerunknown, rumored to possibly be the CIA

Primary Writer: Valles

Natalie Baker is one of the first seventeen biomods ever, and the first person to set foot on Europa.

Natalie was one of the first Fen to reach orbit (after Katz Schrödinger, but before Noah Scott), and the first to think to take NASA instruments and scientists along on the ride.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Hey, I've Heard of Her: 'First Fan', one of the initial wave of biomods and active Fen to enter the public awareness
  • The Woman From UNCLE: CIA... Agent? Front? Analyst? All of the above? Whether as some wierd manipulation of quantum mechanics and probability, sheer dumb luck, or just her karma in life, Natalie seems to have been cast as an Action Hero Superspy. Not that she knows that.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Okay, Who Spiked the Punch? Pretty girl with huge... tracts of land.


  • Case of the Blahs: Goes into funks when asked to self-motivate
  • Not Quite Ben Stein: Doesn't do very well setting up 'wavium systems.
  • Where'd I Put My Glasses? Nearsighted
  • Stupid Tall People: Short (5' 1")
  • Shameless Pinko: Favors Social Democratic politics. Vocally, and sometimes at length. Once got into a lengthy screaming row with Chris Marsden about this at a con.
  • Gravity is Not My Friend 42-24-33

Preferred Transportation

SV Moondance