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R. Natsuko Aki
Natsuko Aki.png
Not-yet-Inspector Aki, the day she was offered the position of Dwar of Helium
BornMay 21, 2008(2008-05-21)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
ResidenceHelium, Mars
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese (AI)
OccupationChief Inspector
EmployerHelium Police Department
Home townHelium, Mars
ParentsNoah Scott (father)
A.C. Peters (mother, sort of)
RelativesSora Hasegawa (sister)
Agatha Clay (sister)
Kohran Li (sister)
Yoriko Nikaido (sister)
Yayoi Fujisawa (sister)

Open character, created by Rob Kelk

A vaguely-Asian-looking, raven-haired, hard-as-nails woman who wears black-rimmed glasses and the plainest suits she can find, Chief Inspector Natsuko Aki of the Helium Police Department is the Best Damn Cop On Mars.

Inspector Aki is one of the original Scott-series AIs built by Noah Scott and A.C. Peters, and was based on the character from Re: Cutey Honey.

Awakened on the same day as Sora Hasegawa and Agatha Clay, the three AIs quickly realized that their “father,” Noah Scott, liked Sora best. Natsuko and Agatha each took this poorly (in slightly different ways), and the two immediately left for Mars. They spent a few days on Starbase 1, incidentally solving the station’s computers’ spam problems while there, but decided that the Trekkie lifestyle was not for them. They went their separate ways - Agatha to the Main Belt, and Natsuko to Helium.

She used the last of her money to buy a (plain) wardrobe and pay a deposit on a one-room apartment in the Scarlet Tower. She then went looking for work. When she single-handedly foiled the first attempted bank robbery in Helium, she was offered the position of Dwar of Helium by the city founders. She accepted on the condition that the job’s title be changed to Inspector.

Not-yet-Inspector Aki, single-handedly foiling the first attempted bank robbery in Helium

Inspector Aki (don’t call her Natsuko - she isn’t close enough to be on a first-name basis with you) spent the next three years building the Helium Police Department from scratch, choosing competent officers and giving them the jobs for which they were best suited. This ended by necessity with the calling of SOS-con, when so many people went off to fight in the Boskone War. Inspector Aki and a small cadre of her best officers kept the peace in Helium despite all provocation from the Boskonians (and from Great Justice troops on leave) for two years. Because they were short-staffed, she walked a beat just like her subordinates; this cemented Inspector Aki’s reputation as the Best Damn Cop on Mars.

Some of her officers never came back from the war. Others returned after the victory, but wearing the uniform of the Space Patrol. Chief Inspector Aki refused the Patrol’s offer of the post of Chief Detective and remained in Helium. She became concerned when some of the returning officers told her about catching glimpses of a blonde Mad who worked for the other side. She called in favors and did some old-fashioned detective work, and confirmed her worst fears - Agatha was working for the Boskonians. The day she discovered this, Natsuko swore to bring her “sister” to justice.

Natsuko knows that she should re-establish contact with the Stellvians now that Sora Hasegawa is with the Soviet Air Force - they might be able to help her find Agatha - but she still doesn’t completely trust Noah. She’s planning to “accidentally” meet some of the other Stellvians at the upcoming Port Phobos Invitational, and see what happens after that...


Do you feel lucky? A cop in the “Dirty Harry” mold, except that she never breaks the rules.

'Wavium Abilities

Don’t call me RoboCop: Mark I Scott-series Android.


I have a spare: Has at least three, and usually more, loaded pistols within reach (preferably on her person) if at all possible. Her firearm collection is somewhat smaller than her father’s, but the weapons are more practical for day-to-day use and she actually uses all of them on a regular basis.

That’s not a cold case: While she might not be in active pursuit, Natsuko will never give up on bringing Agatha Clay to justice until the two of them are looking at each other across a courtroom.


None, not even a generalist. Inspector Aki doesn’t care about fandoms and factions at all; to her, the only groupings that matter are “cops,” “perps,” and “innocents.”