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Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
Orbit15,000 AU from primary
Diameter272,447 km
Surface Gravity2.8g
Year1,800,000 years
Day1023 hours
Mean Temperature200°K (-73°C)
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Located far out in the Oort cloud, beyond the FTL limit, Nostromo was discovered in May 2016 by the shuttle Melchizedek which was en-route to Rigil Kentaurus A at the time. The shuttle remained in orbit of the planet for two days taking basic measurements, then reported the find by interwave before proceeding on to Starbase 1. The discovery was filmed by James Cameron and included in the documentary The Search for the Real Pandora.

Little further is known about Nostromo. Melchizedek was not outfitted for a full planetary survey and was only able to make a few cursory measurements before moving on. Believed to be an extra-solar rogue planet which has been captured by the sun's gravity, Nostromo is a gas giant of approximately 4 Jupiter masses. Despite being more massive, gravitational forces and degeneracy pressures mean that Nostromo is only twice as large as Jupiter.

Nostromo has the potential to become a focus of research into the nature of The Limit. A small research station in planetary orbit has already been mooted, with a full Artemis Foundation survey mission planned.

Little Big Bang Labs

In mid 2019, Catgirl Industries split their Little Big Bang Labs off from Jenga and moved it out into deep interstellar space. After half a year of testing the space station outside the limit, they moved it again into an orbit around Nostromo, close to the Cochrane's Limit of the large gas giant.

Since then the space station with its labs and living space has become a permanent fixture at Nostromo, one of the few permanently inhabited places in the outer Oort cloud. The catgirls have started mining Nostromo for Helium-3 to fuel their Fusors, they are also known for selling parts of their fuel to ships making a stop at their station.

The Little Big Bang Labs have a dedicated Interwave connection to Jenga, which in turn works as a relay to the rest of the Fenspace internet.