OGJ Troop Transport

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Spacecraft Registry
Great Justice Troop Transport
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullJ4500 University Coach
Length13.89 m (45' 7")
Width2.59 m (8' 6")
Height3.59 m (11' 9")
Mass24,494 kg (54,000 lbs.)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.05c
Primary ManufacturerMCI (base hull)
variable (retrofit work)
Flag of Recordvariable
Registry Numbervariable
PurposeTroop transport
Primary Crewdriver, up to 36 passengers
Operational StatusActive
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This is a general class of ships used for troop transport during and after Operation Great Justice. No more than seventeen were ever deployed at any given time during Operation Great Justice; while far more than that were built during the Boskone War, they took heavy losses in various missions. Only five survived the storming of Boskone Prime at the end of Operation Great Justice, but the design proved popular with groups that need large passenger shuttles and thus is still being produced.

Transports with the "OGJ" prefix to their registry numbers are owned by Great Justice and are dedicated troop transports. Craft with other prefixes to their registry numbers are owned by other organizations or factions.

Each of the ships in this series is capable of carrying up to three 12-person squads of marines with full personal gear.

Known Ships in this Class:

Class-Standard Modifications to Base Hull

  • The hulls and engines are usually handwaved with the intention of making them more durable and less prone to damage or malfunction, as well as the usual modifications to turn a bus into a spacecraft.
  • The wheelchair lift has been removed - that door is now a rapid-deployment hatch.
  • Twenty of the passenger seats have been removed from the middle of the bus to make room for more cargo, and to allow access to the original cargo area from within the bus.
  • The headlights are routinely upgraded to the brightest possible, and equipped with strobe circuits; this allows them to be used as disorienting "dazzle" weapons in atmosphere.


  • Now get out there and give 110%! Perhaps as a pseudo-memory of their original purpose of sports-team transportation, these ships need "pep talks" before every mission.

Individual ships also have their own quirks:

  • SC Joan of Arc needs a Catholic chaplain to be on board to work at all.
  • SC High School Quarterback does not function at above 80% performance unless a humanoid female in a pleated skirt is on board (or attached to the vessel for a mission).
  • SC Spaceballs: The Troop Transport has a pair of boxy wings with engine pods on them, and so long as the wings (which are tough, but not specifically armored) are intact, is capable of achieving a brisk .075c, so long as a man in a vest and a dog (man in a dog suit will suffice) are driving. Given the lack of availability of 'dogboy' Fen, this currently requires a dog suit, which is stored in the vessel, along with a black 'Han Solo' vest.
  • SC Granuaile slows by 10% if nobody of Irish descent is aboard.