Patience and Prudence McInnis

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Patience and Prudence McInnis
McInnis twins.png
The McInnis twins, in the front office of the Convention Authority
BornMay 16, 1982(1982-05-16)
ResidencePort Luna, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipHoward Foundation
OccupationCivil Servants
EmployerFenspace Convention
Known forSafeguarding the Records of Convention

Patience and Prudence McInnis are not First Fen, but they're close. They moved into space in early 2009, becoming two of the earliest citizens of Port Luna. They're civil servants - Pat is the receptionist and physical-security specialist for the Convention Authority, and Pru is the Authority's sysadmin; together, they keep the Records of Convention safe and available.

Physically, they're identical twins. Aside from their different hairstyles, Pat wears contacts while Pru prefers glasses. They share an apartment and a wardrobe, and occasionally dress alike (aside from the eyewear).

The McInnis twins are card-carrying members of the Howard Foundation - their grandparents are all alive and past their century marks. (They also have the stereotypical Howard Foundation attitude to relationships, and their boyfriend considers himself to be a very lucky guy. He might change his mind if he discovered Pat and Pru have bet on which of the two of them he'll get pregnant first... or he might not.)

Neither woman has ever biomodded; Prudence thinks the idea is silly, while Patience would be willing to change herself but doesn't want to stop looking like her sister.

Aside from being fans of Heinlein's work, the sisters are also familiar (in at least broad strokes) with the source material of all the major factions. Pat also enjoys plot-driven military and historical fiction, while Pru prefers character-driven modern and near-future stories.