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NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesGeo
EmployerJupiter Mining Corporation
Height96 cm[1]
ParentsJeph Antilles (father)

Primary Writer: JFerio

Plucky red and white astromech droid. Based on the R2 series from Star Wars, "Geo" is even more technically minded than Nene, although rather strong-willed and unwilling to spare anyone's feelings with his honest, intelligent opinions. Fortunately, he doesn't speak in anything other than droidspeak, but Jeph seems to be able to understand him perfectly.

Notable Attributes

  • No Job's Over My Head: Excellent technician.

'Wavium Abilities

  • But My Timing Is Digital: 'Wave quickened AI droid.


  • All Right, I'm Not a Motorized Trash Can!: Dislikes anyone who automatically assumes he's a dumb drone, or worse, merely an appliance.
  • No One Understands Me: Only Jeph, Nene, and other astromechs and AIs can understand his beeps and whirrs.


  • Geo doesn't go by "R2;" he feels that's disrespectful.
  • His CPU is a 'waved Macintosh Mini.


Geo has a notable or major role in the following stories:


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