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Gaming Stats

A person biomodded into a bunnygirl, working a desk job.
Rabbit People are the third-largest recognizable group of biomodded people in Fenspace (behind catgirls and wolf-people). They are often called Bunnygirls, usually by people who don't realize there are also male rabbit people.

All rabbit-people possess lagomorphic features of some sort, with the usually agreed minimum being a pair of visible hare or rabbit ears.

While it is possible to point to Boskonian slaver influence in the creation of catgirls and wolf people, no such influence is known to exist to explain the relatively large number of lagomorph biomods. There is some idle speculation that the majority of female rabbit-people came about when plain or unattractive girls (or post-menopausal women) biomodded themselves with the hope of becoming "as pretty as a Playboy Bunny" but ended up with a quirked biomod. While there are no known plain or unattractive female rabbit people, no scientific or demographic research has yet been done to confirm this theory.

Perhaps the most famous rabbit person is Kelly Harrison, manager of the Hotel Stellvia.

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