Ramona Jackson

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Ramona Jackson
BornAugust 29, 1979(1979-08-29)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Earth
ResidenceHelium, Mars
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityCanadian (3/4 English, 1/4 Cree)
Occupationvehicle maintenance engineer
EmployerCity of Helium
Home townWetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, Earth
Weight124 lbs.

Open Character, created by Rob Kelk

Ramona Jackson is an aircraft engineer, licenced jet pilot, military historian, and dedicated pacifist. She also strongly believed her mother's father's stories about how the aircraft he helped build in the 1950s would have changed Canadian flight forever if the government hadn't shut the project down, so when handwavium appeared, she and two of her friends spent three years building a replica Avro Arrow on a bet. (The bet was that if they built it, she'd be brave enough to take it into space. She won.)

While she's normally serious, Ramona does have an impish streak to her personality. She always keeps her word, and she loves her family. Occasionally, she says things that she shouldn't.

Ramona is expert in military equipment trivia, holds a jet-pilot licence, and knows enough about military engineering to keep Avril flying.


Ramona's public email address is rj@pilotsguild.helium.fen - this shows she's a member of the Helium Independent Pilots' Guild.


Ramona is the protagonist of First Flight and Captain's Blog