Rob Donaldson

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Rob Donaldson
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BornRob Kelk
July 8, 1964(1964-07-08)
ResidencePort Luna, Luna
OccupationChief Records-Keeper and Publicist
EmployerFenspace Convention
Home townOttawa, Ontario, Canada, Earth
Known forBeing the face of the Convention Authority
PartnerBeverly Hayakawa

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk, finally (after seven years!) figuring out where in Fenspace his self-insert goes

Less "dakka," please. I have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Rob is one of those average, almost stereotypical Fen who would be virtually unknown in Fenspace... if not for the fact that he is the public face of the Convention Authority, the group that makes sure the Conventions run smoothly and maintains the records of what was decided there. This is a mixed blessing - he has the ear of many of the SMOF (without being one himself), but everyone who came Up to get away from governments consider him to be "The Man" personified.

Notable Mundane Attributes

Rob is a writer by trade and by hobby. He's also a paper-and-pencil roleplayer (more comfortable as the gamemaster than a player).

'Wavium Abilities

None. And he intends to keep it that way.


Rob's a private person by nature; he keeps his public and private lives separate as much as possible. This means amongst other things that he doesn't date co-workers.[1]


Generalist - FIJAGH![2]

Preferred Transport

Public transportation, mostly; Port Luna isn't a good place to park a private vehicle.

Known Associates

During KandorCon, Rob was seen spending more time than one would expect with (not-yet Crystal Senshi) Beverly Hayakawa. The two have been seen in each other's company at many social occasions many times since then.

Before he went Up, Rob had had regular correspondence with Bob Schroeck; the two still have each other's private email addresses. Also, Rob had commented on Jet Jaguar's hardsuit plans when those were posted to the newsgroup.

And he seems to know Doctor Drakken from somewhere.


The works of H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, "Doc" Smith, Robert A. Heinlein, and C.S. Lewis, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, various Age of Sail stories, In Nomine, and far too many anime to list here.


You're kidding, right? Who writes about bureaucrats?


  1. Much to the puzzlement of the McInnis twins.
  2. This was a factor in his being hired by the Convention Authority - Rob doesn't have an obvious bias toward or against any of the factions, and thus is able to work with them all.