Robur's Eyrie

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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Robur's Eyrie
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullUnreal Estate
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionEuroFen / Pulpers
Registry NumberL5-K
Other Crewapproximately 250 people
Operational StatusActive
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It’s a funny thing, but you don’t see a lot of Unreal Estate in the cislunar area. Grover’s Corners is parked at L3, of course, but most examples tend to end up in free solar orbit somewhere like the Island, or parked on a planet or moon, like the Little Dublin district in Port Lowell or the guys who bought up and rebuilt an entire Old West mining camp on Ganymede. Robur’s Eyrie is one of the rare exceptions. The capstone of the station is a domed enclosure containing an authentic hilltop from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on top of that hill sits a mansion built in the Second Empire neo-baroque style. From this manse the self-styled “Master of the World” controls his empire.

The rest of the station is a warren of corridors, workshops and bunkhouses built out of wave-reinforced brick, steel, cast iron and brass. Good Lord there’s a lot of brass in Robur’s Eyrie. I’m pretty sure that they bought an entire Space Rock’s worth of copper and zinc to get as much brass as you see in the place. The residents all seem to fit well into this red-and-gold world. They’re not really Victorian in their steampunk - for one thing, they’re majority French - but they’ve embraced that 1870’s upper bourgeoisie aesthetic as their own.

“I consider the Eyrie to be a haven for artisans,” Robur declared over dinner. It’s hard not to agree with him; everything in the station has been painstakingly handcrafted, from the structural members to the silverware. Considered as a single piece of art, it’s magnificent. The basic mechanics of the station, all of it wave-augmented clockwork or steam powered, impressed the hell out of Sora.

Unfortunately, the Eyrie hasn’t become the haven Robur wanted. Despite the continuing popularity of steampunk ‘Daneside and elsewhere in the Convention, there’s apparently not enough punkers who consider space travel in genre, if you will. Robur’s nothing if not optimisitc, though; he’s hoping to change that with his two new projects. The first, the SC Albatross, is a fully-realized steampunk spacecraft, something he hopes will kindle interest from terrestrial communities in Europe and North America. The other is the SS Queen Emeraldas, a project Robur admits is mostly for paying the bills, but one he hopes will generate a trend for steampunk-styled craft in Fenspace.

It’s a long shot, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Malaclypse Fnord

Eurofen (primarily French and francophone) Pulper habitat; symbol black flag w/gold sun; excellent manners and a somewhat sinister reputation