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Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage, and Law-enforcement Directorate (or "S.H.I.E.L.D.") is the JLI's Law and Military branch. It handles all factional duties regarding Great Justice and the Space Patrol. The rank scheme is detailed below:

Officer Ranks
OF-10 Chief General (never used)
OF-09 General
OF-08 Brigadier
OF-07 Colonel
OF-06 Captain
OF-05 Marshal
OF-03 Special Agent
OF-01 Agent
OF(D) Provisional Agent
Enlisted Ranks
OR-09 Detective Sergeant
OR-07 Detective
OR-05 Specialist
OR-03 Officer

In addition, S.H.I.E.L.D. has ten levels of security clearance. The lowest of these is Level 1 which everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. starts off with. These are mostly unconnected to the rank of the person, but in general they follow this pattern:

Sidebar: The Double-O's
Somewhat of an open secret is the fact that there are several people (not necessarily Supers) that have the famed and feared Double-O licence. For all practical purposes it grants a fair amount of diplomatic immunity when on missions. Double-O's also have Special Access rights, effectively giving them need-to-know access to every secret the JLI has.

Among the Supers, those granted the Double-O licence are removed from the normal chains of command and placed under the command of the Council's Executive Office. This is headed up by a person codenamed 'M' who, like 'Kusanagi' of the Patrol's Section 9, does not exist in the normal fashion and uses various telepresence masks and decoys. The one constant is M's secretary Moneypenny (whose job description includes flirting with the Double-O's). M reports directly to the JLI council. The 'License To Kill' implied in the Double-O license comes from the fact that M is the oversight authority for the Double-O's, and can make the decision as to whether a death from a Double-O's actions is lawful or not[1]. In most cases, Double-Os act as elite and covert versions of OGJ Troubleshooters and/or operatives of the Patrol's Section 9 whilst trying to avoid being construed as assassins.

While there is no official comment or confirmation on it, it is also strongly suspected that A.C. Peters (a.k.a. The Scarlet Angel) has a Double-O licence that she gained during the same incident she gained her official codename (given it is suspected that the entry criteria are the same as canon). True or not, this thought persists and is the basis of the believed traits necessary to become a Double-O.

Not every faction recognizes the Double-O licence. Some factions (including The Wizarding World) have their own local equivalent (the Unspeakables), while others (such as the Stellvians) reserve the right to authorize covert actions in their territories' for their faction's leaders alone. In these places a Double-O only has the protections and authorities granted by Law and/or their OGJ rank[2].

Clearance Level Rank
10 -
9 General
8 Brigadier
7 Colonel
6 Captain
5 Marshal
4 Special Agent, Detective Sergeant
3 Agent, Detective
2 Specialist
1 Provisional Agent, Officer


S.H.I.E.L.D.'s current commander is General Nicodemus Huray (OF-9). Under him are three directors who take care of the operational departments of the organization.

Department of Champion Operations

Champion Operations is where the majority of the public Capes are stationed. Champions are usually ranked as Special Agents although their Clearance Levels are in the 2 to 5 range. Champ Ops provides additional personnel to the RGS, and cross train with them. In this department is the main Public Relations office.

Department of Law Enforcement Operations

Law Enforcement Operations handles faction wide law enforcement, local police assistance, and inter-faction co-operation (mostly through the Space Patrol). It also handles the counter-espionage operation of the Supers in much the same way the US FBI does for that nation.

Department of Intelligence Operations

Intelligence Operations handles the traditional intelligence gathering, espionage, and special operations associated with an intelligence organ. This department is where the hard-core Dark Knight types reside. Nicknamed Stormwatch after the codename for its director 'Weatherman', this department contains several semi-independent groups, one of which is known as the Impossible Missions Force.


  1. M is a big believer in 'With great power comes great responsibility.', although M has added 'And a great price.'.
  2. Of course, catching a Double-O in the act is another thing entirely.