S. Hofwalls Field

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Spacecraft Registry
S. Hofwalls Field
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRelatively small chunk of ground with a few buildings on it
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
OwnerThomas Morgan
Primary CrewMorgan
Irene (Artificial Intelligence)
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by Morganni)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Thinks it is a cat: Requires affection and catnip to work effectively. Lots of catnip.


  • Usually found in a nice friendly orbit around Luna.
  • Morgan had worked long enough to get this house, he wasn’t about to let go of it. Morgan saw Howl’s Moving Castle. Morgan put pi and e together.
  • Despite having come up with the name, Morgan almost never pronounces or writes it correctly. His usual rendering is “S. Hofwell’s Field.”
  • “S.” does not stand for Ship.