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R. Safety
BornOctober 9, 2013(2013-10-09)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
ResidenceStellvia Station (until 2021)
Ultima Station (2022-date)
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesSafety Noahsdottir
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
OccupationExecutive Assistant to the President (until 2021)
Captain, SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri (2022-date)
EmployerStellvia Corporation
Home townStellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
Commands heldSCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri
Weight8 lbs.
Religious beliefsconfused syncretism of Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, and Shinto, emphasizing the mystical elements of all three
ParentsNoah Scott (father)

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk
Game stats

After Yoriko Nikaido went missing (and was presumed dead by most of Fenspace), Noah Scott built Safety to be his new executive assistant. She wasn't programmed to remain absolutely loyal to her creator and his closest friends; that was her reaction to some of Yoriko's backed-up memories, which Safety discovered early in her quickening process.

She spent the first eight years of her life as Noah's "girl Friday," learning from experience how to deal with people both on an equal basis and as a superior. While she learned to be good at this job, she finally realized that it wasn't in her own best interest to remain in that role. Her request for more duties coincided with the delivery of the SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri to Stellvia Corporation, and Noah decided to let Safety "sink or swim" - he put her in charge of the ship and told her to crew and supply it and go explore the Beta Hydri system. So far, she's been up to the challenge.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Make it so - Decent leader, more like Jean-Luc Picard than James Kirk.
  • Where do you want me to take the memo? - Good (but not top-notch) administrative assistant.
  • Hello, minna-san - Fluently bilingual in Japanese and English.
  • Beautiful brushwork - Better-than-average calligrapher.

Handwavium Attributes

  • Yes, I'm an AI - AI Robot: Doesn't Sleep, Doesn't Need to Eat, Doesn't Age, potentially immortal.
  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - Can fly (including in space), thanks to the miniature antigravity unit in her torso. She uses her wings for attitude adjustment, not propulsion.


  • Of course this is an artificial body - Wavium-powered AI Robot: Requires monthly maintenance, distrusted by 'danes and paranoid fen.
  • I'm told she was my template - Based closely on a fictional character, which allows strangers to predict her reactions with some accuracy if they've found and reviewed the source material.
  • Not like most people - Very, very small, and has wings.
  • Megane, megane... - Nearsighted.
  • These are my people; I will not abandon them - Completely devoted to the people listed under "Known Associates" (in the order listed, if there's a conflict).
  • We take care of our own - Also devoted to her crew, but not quite to the same extreme that she's devoted to her "family."
  • I don't want to tell a lie... - Completely truthful; requires an act of will for her to even consider lying.



Known Associates

Noah Scott, Yayoi Fujisawa, Kohran Li, Leda Swansen, Miyuri Akisato, Takami Sakuragi, Shizuka Hayama, Kagome Mishima

Preferred Transport

Noah Scott's shoulder.

(For trips through space, the Epsilon Blade, until she took command of the Rinna Kazamatsuri.)


Safety's small size and integral miniaturized space drive, combined with the current theories of a ship's size being inversely proportional to its top speed, potentially makes her the fastest being inside The Limit. However, since Safety has no built-in communications capability, no astrogational skills, no long-range sensors, no armour, and poor vision at the best of times, she has decided against experimenting in this area and has limited herself with a hardware block to a top speed of 10 m/s.

Safety is one of the "second generation" of Noah's android assistants, and thus incorporates Rin-Rin's technical designs instead of A.C. Peters' technology. She has most of the same technical limitations as the first-generation AIs; she just reaches them on a different path (which uses more hardtech than is usual for a Fenspace AI).


Safety has appeared in the following stories: