Serenity II

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Her Royal Majesty
Serenity II
Sailor Atalante
In office
January 1, 2019 – present
Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki
Preceded by Serenity I
Succeeded by current office-holder
Personal details
Born Anika Springfield

Relations Mary Springfield (sister)
Residence Moon Kingdom Memorial Outpost, Mare Serenitatis, Luna (official residence)
Castle Magellan, Crystal Tokyo, Venus (usual residence)
Military service
Service/branch Sailor Armed Militia
Years of service 2019 - present
Rank Commander in Chief

Anika Springfield was orphaned at the age of seventeen along with her twelve-year-old sister Mary. Rather than be separated by the State, they ran. After a chance run-in with some fen, Anika procured some wave for herself and handwaved the car her parents left behind. Of course, she wasn't fully up to speed about the needed safety requirements, but she got off lucky. Her little sister, being very fond of the Disney animation The Little Mermaid, had been watching the film while helping her sister wave the car.

After a heroic incident[1], Anika was granted the title Sailor Atalante and assigned as the leader of the Senshi permanently assigned to the Roughriders.

In 2019, Mary took over Anika's role as team leader when Sailor Atalante was elected to the leadership of the Crystal Millennium on the strength of her war record and continuing role as one of the "protectors of the Asteroid Belt." She took the name Serenity II upon coronation.

Anika and Mary's biomod has given them mermaid-like traits. They are both fully amphibious and possess very fine scales in their skin - they're so fine that you think they're wearing glitter until you look at them very closely[2]. They can also withstand extreme cold and have retractable webbing on their hands and feet. They can spend as much time on dry land as they like, but they'll start to miss being out of the water after a week or so.


  1. Which is yet to be determined
  2. They hate the Twilight Fen