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Serenity Valley is the capital of Ganymede, and the de facto capital of both the Jovian subsystem and the Independent Faction.


The settlement, funded primarily by the Browncoats, grew around the first dome built on Ganymede in 2009. It quickly became the center of the Jovian settlement efforts. It also became the capital when it was chosen as the meeting place where the Browncoats and Heinleinians worked out who would be in charge of which parts of Ganymede.

The 2013 Convention was held in Serenity Valley, in September. Because someone leaked to the Boskonians that the Whole Fenspace Catalog was to be released at that Convention, it became one of the largest battles[1] in the Boskone War.


Section Needs Cleanup: Still to be determined, but the city has been built on both banks of the River Tam (Not a river, not yet... but will be. Eventually, when someone figures out how to get liquid water to stay there and flow.)

Organizations of Interest

The Independent Faction has its headquarters in Serenity Valley.

The Anson MacDonald Memorial Hospital is the largest and best-equipped hospital in the Jovian subsystem. In addition to providing medical services for Serenity Valley, it coordinates the local blood drives and cares for the local Blood Orange orchard.

The Jupiter Mining Corporation has their primary headquarters in Serenity Valley, occupying an entire dome on the edge of the complex. Also located there is one of their secondary 'shipyards', where one or two Blue Midget freighters are always docked and undergoing routine maintenance, as well as the "permanent" berth of Starbug 1. Myk-El Miller "rents" office and classroom space from Jupiter Mining Corporation for his "Handwavium Safety and Usage Training" courses, when he isn't on the road doing consulting work for FenSpace companies in the esoteric and black art of using 'wavium to not only get reasonably close to what you want, but to also do so without an inadvertent biomod in the process.

Blue Sun, the general products / retail giant in the Jovian subsystem, has its headquarters and largest outlet in Serenity Valley. As of 2015, they're still more Ma's General Store than Wal*Mart.

Banzai Institute presence on Ganymede is somewhat limited, since the Institute likes to focus on the relationship between the Fen and the Really, Real World, but there is a small chapter in Serenity Valley. Like other Banzai Institute centers, it focuses on community, continuing education, and 'Wavium research (think of it as a local rec center, community college, and think tank). However, with the rather unpleasant news issues surrounding Operation Tango Shoes, the Institute has created a mandate to stay informed of events happening on the planet. This is mostly done through regular participation in public forums, but through a regular use of print-on-demand printing and e-book downloads and two 'waved Bookmobiles that run circuits from settlement to settlement, providing books and literacy training, and serving as eyes and ears on the Ganymede community at large. After Operation Great Justice, the Banzai Bookmobile program is adapted for use for all colonies with an Institute presence, and World Watch One (and later World Watch Two) have the ability to produce books via e-book and print-on-demand.

Stellvia Corporation has had a small complex in Serenity Valley since early 2014, when they financed the purchase of 57 prefab houses (as a pilot project testing the feasibility of bringing housing from Earth to Fenspace). The company kept five prefab houses to serve as a "point of presence" in the Jovian subsystem, giving the other 52 to the city council in exchange for serviced land for the five they kept. One house has been converted to offices for StellviaCorp and its subsidiaries; another is an unofficial headquarters for Great Justice task force Tango Shoes; the remainder are being used as vacation homes until the company has another need for them.

The Fireflies astroball team is based in Serenity Valley. They're an even mix of Browncoats and Juvies.

Jayne's School of Marksmanship, a specialist training center, is located in its own dome on the outskirts of Serenity Valley.


  1. and possibly the most ironic, at least for the Jossies