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The Servants
BornMay 7, 2012(2012-05-07)
Black Spot
ResidenceBlack Spot
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityFen (AI)
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
OccupationProduction Group
Employer7-sided Dice Productions
Salary1 Share of the profits of every game they worked on for every AI.
Net worthUnknown
ParentsSeraviel (creator)
RelativesSeviel (Sibling)
Raviel (Sibling)
The Sins (Siblings)
The Colors (Siblings)
The Days (Siblings)

Primary Writer: Seraviel

First set of Sevens-type AIs created by Seraviel for 7-sided Dice Productions.


When Seraviel decided to build his game company, he went and bought from Dell a large number of the oldest computers the reseller had on hand. He then bought the same number of identical hard drives. In preparation of 'waving them, he installed on each a copy of Game Dev Story 1 & 2 along with a zipped archive containing as much gaming information as possible, renamed each drive after one of the servants fro Fate/Stay Night, and then personalized them with the tools that each would use.

Then he 'waved them. And did the same with the machines the drives would reside in.

They all woke up at the same time, early in the day on May 7, and have been working for 7-sided Dice Productions ever since.

The Servants

All servants are using as avatar their respective character in Fate/Stay Night, unless noted otherwise. All are also members of the Hacker Underspace.


  • Main debugger of the servants.
  • As near-infinite focus. As such will not leave a bug unfixed, and has been known to work 24 hours on a single item.
  • Member of the Hacker Underspace. Especially fond of tracking and attacking Boskonian AIs.
  • Speech Quirk: Always uses the least amount of words needed.


  • Main artist of the servants.
  • Best at Hacking of all the servants.
  • Quickest of the Sevens at analysing code.
  • One of the most present in the Hacker Underspace.
  • Leader of Deep Blue.
  • Speech Quirk: Very loose speech.


  • Jack-of-all-trades.
  • Only one of the servants to use a character from the Fate/Stay Night prequel as an avatar.
  • Best of the Sevens at stealthily entering a watched system.
  • Is instantly able to use any hacking tool. Even if it has just been created, and is in a language Berserker doesn't know.
  • Speech Quirk: Refers to himself as the third person.


  • Main programmer of the servants.
  • Is incredibly friendly compared to her fictionnal inspiration.
  • Member of Pluto's Kiss.
  • Speech Quirk: Is overly polite.


  • Main game tester of the servants.
  • Well known to like fishing.
  • Member of Deep Blue.
  • Speech Quirk: Tends to use Irish words.


  • Main sound designer of the servants.
  • Extremely efficient in any form of piloting software.
  • Member of Pluto's Kiss.
  • Speech Quirk: Straight to the point.


  • Manager of the servants.
  • Always tries her best to help everyone.
  • Is always totally fair.
  • Member of Pluto's Kiss.
  • Member of Deep Blue.
  • Speech Quirk: Sometime use old English words.

Deep Blue

A subset of the Sevens, Deep Blue basically see themselves as the Blue Blazers of the Hacker Underspace. They are basically a group helping anyone with computer issues, and dealing with the elimination of large-scale computer viruses. They have not approached Buckaroo about this[1], as not to split their loyalty between the company and the Blazers.

Many hackers on earth who created and sent viruses will suddenly find their machines empty with only a chess program installed, the calling call of Deep Blue.

Preferred Transport

Do not physically leave the Black Spot

Known Associates

Every member of 7-sided Dice Productions.


  • (tba)


  1. Though knowing him, he probably already knows.