Shizuka Hayama

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R. Shizuka Hayama
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BornPrometheus Forge, Main Belt
ResidenceArtemis Foundation Research Station McAuliffe
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese (AI)
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
OccupationChief Mechanic, Artemis Shuttle Challenger
EmployerArtemis Foundation
ParentsA.C. Peters (mother)
RelativesKasumi (sister)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (brother)
Greenpeace Crolis (sister)
Lebia Maverick (sister)

Created by Cobalt Greywalker
Primary Writer Rob Kelk

Chief Mechanic, Artemis Shuttle Challenger

Shortly after the events in Legend of Galactic Girls, A.C. Peters used some of the technologies she was introduced to (and the newly remembered development she had already done) to put together a new android in the Scott-series style, but more for combat/bodyguard operations. Shizuka was the result.

A.C. quickly fixed the eyesight problem (which she's offered to the other Scott-series androids), but Shizuka didn't feel right not wearing glasses.

It came as a surprise to Shizuka that A.C. was actually happy that she felt she didn't fit in at the Forge, but that didn't stop A.C. outfitting her with a decent amount of useful gear and readying a bunch of references for her. After a bit of wandering around Fenspace, she eventually got a job on Stellvia as a senior technician before proving herself on the maintenance of the Challenger OV-200 shuttle.


Busty and bespectacled with wavy not-quite-shoulder-length purple hair, normally wearing a form-fitting blue jumpsuit.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Yeah, I'll need to change that: Brilliant mechanic, and fairly good engineer
  • I'm too cute to be Poirot: A decent amateur detective.

'Wavium Abilities

  • I am TOO real! 'Wavium AI android.
  • Just like riding a bike: Can figure out how to operate all but the most complicated non-wavetech vehicle in a few seconds, with a good amount of skill. The more complex the vehicle, the longer it takes to figure out.
  • I "grew up" on the streets: A.C.'s first deliberate combat chassis, proof against all but heavy military weapons, vacuum sealed and capable of superhuman strength and speed.


  • But I look WRONG without them: Wears glasses whereever possible, even though she doesn't need them.
  • But I'm a growing girl: Has a voracious appetite for food.
  • Well, I almost got him: Poor shot.
  • It's not like I'll freeze: When in combat operations, strips down to her very revealing second skin body sheath combat suit.
  • You think?: Based closely on a fictional character, which allows strangers to predict her reactions with some accuracy if they've found and reviewed the source material.


Stellvian, Artemis, Cybers

Known associates

Stellvians, Prometheus Forge crew