Shooting Star

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Spacecraft Registry
Shooting Star
Shooting Star Boat copy.png
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullChris Craft Cabin Cruiser
Drive TypeGravity drive
OwnerShihab al-Nejem
Flag of RecordTunis, Tunisia
LaunchedJuly 14, 2012
PurposeEarth to space Taxi
Operational StatusActive
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Open Spacecraft and Character

Currently owned by Shihab al-Nejem.

The Shooting Star started life as a Chris Craft 28' Cabin Cruiser. She has one cabin forward as part of her original single cabin design that is currently the living space on board. The stern has been enclosed in the paneling from a trailer to seal it against space since this area contains the ships controls. Doors from the trailer have been used as the stern docking port. While the forward docking port is just a modified hatch in the bow deck leading to the forward cabin via the ceiling. A third door splits the stern from the cabin and is part of the original boat design. This is located between the Captain's and Navigator's chairs. Extra windows where added to the 'bridge' area to improve visibility to the sides.

The ship's controls are setup similar to that of a plane with a control yoke and rudder peddles. The throttle control has remained the same. A former flat screen is now a full blown interactive holographic display and HUD. There is a old CB that is now a full blown com system is located just over the door to the forward cabin. This puts it in easy reach of ether seat. A desktop that has become one with the ship below the captain's chair acts as the central computer. This however hasn't shown any signs of becoming a AI yet. The living area contains a single bed, small foldout stove, a foldout sonic shower, sink, toilet, and mini-fridge. The bed can be flipped up to gain access to a storage space under it.

The ship is painted almost completely white with the only color being the name on the stern and the shark tooth grin on the bow. A pair of shorted pontoons are attached to ether side of the hull and serve as water/oxygen tanks for the Shooting Star. The hydrogen she needs to run is split straight from the water carried in the tanks with the oxygen is stored in the tanks for the life support systems. A retractable tri-skid system lets her land on hard surfaces. She also retains her running lights from her life as a water going boat these are almost always on. One odd thing is that the Shooting Star has a depth gauge and a sonar system on its HUD.

Known Vehicle Quirks

Safety first! There always has to be a life vest for everyone on board the ship or the ship will refuse to move when in port. Theres two on board in one of the under seat storage in the living area cabin.

The gentle sea: The boat rocks gentle like it's on the water when at a stop and not on a solid surface. This doesn't seem to effect any airlock connections to the boat.

We're gonna need a bigger boat: ... somehow there's never enough storage space on board for everything needed. It always ends up in the way or tripped over.

Don't show the shark: Playing the Jaws theme while inside the boat causes the boat to become somehow harder to spot. When the music stops the boat appears to be a badly made out of focus boat model at a distance for three minutes.

Crush Depth: The ship refuses to go deeper then 100 feet, hitting the limit causes a loud bang followed by a steel bolt bouncing around the "bridge." This doesn't do any harm and is for slapstick.


The Shooting Star's captain/owner is Shihab al-Nejem, a Tunisian Arab who runs his taxi service out of Tunis. His father worked as a guide for Speilberg and Lucas back when they made the "Indiana Jones" movies, and he became westernized from the contact with Hollywood. He doesn't want to live in space, but likes working there.

Can carry up to eight not including the captain. Preferred number is two in the forward cabin.