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The Servants
BornDecember 17, 2012(2012-12-17)
Black Spot
ResidenceBlack Spot
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityFen (AI)
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
OccupationProduction Group
Employer7-sided Dice Productions
Salary1 Share of the profits of every game they worked on for every AI.
Net worthUnknown
ParentsSeraviel (creator)
RelativesSeviel (Sibling)
Raviel (Sibling)
The Servants (Siblings)
The Colors (Siblings)
The Days (Siblings)

Primary Writer: Seraviel

Second set of Sevens-type AIs created by Seraviel for 7-sided Dice Productions.


In December 2012, four of the servants (Assassin, Lancer, Rider and Saber) came up with new ideas of games to produce. The discussions over which would come first became pretty heated[1], so as a placating mesure Seraviel decided to create a second and third set of AIs, as to increase the number of production lines.

The second set woke up on December 17, and were named after the Christians Sins (and the Full Metal Alchemist characters they were associted with).

The Sins

All sins are using as avatar their respective character in Full Metal Alchemist. All are also members of the Hacker Underspace.


  • Main artist of the sins.
  • Very talented hacker. Especially good at breaking passwords.
  • Member of Deep Blue.
  • Speech Quirk: Uses a lot of French words.


  • Main programmer of the sins. Literally eats code.
  • Best at Coding of all the Sevens.
  • Programs even during his free time.
  • Speech Quirk: Usual answers with a single word.


  • Main debugger of the sins.
  • Frequent gamer of a very defensive mentality.
  • Very patient, even for an AI.
  • Speech Quirk: Often finishes his phrases by "That it does".


  • Main character designer of the sins.
  • Is incredibly friendly compared to her fictional inspiration.
  • Member of Pluto's Kiss.
  • Speech Quirk: Always flirting.


  • Manager of the sins.
  • Likes children.
  • An efficient teacher.
  • Speech Quirk: Talks like a member of the English nobility.


  • Main sound designer of the sins.
  • Maintain an archive of musics and sounds.
  • Member of Pluto's Kiss.
  • Speech Quirk: Always has music in the background.


  • Main game tester of the sins.
  • Is nearly always either testing or playing a game.
  • A consummate attacker of the mentality 'The best defense is a good offense'.
  • Speech Quirk: Uses extra 'r' to sound Russian.

Preferred Transport

Do not physically leave the Black Spot

Known Associates

Every member of 7-sided Dice Productions.


  • (tba)


  1. Only one wasn't produced, Lancer's suggestion for a fishing game.