Sojuz TMA-12

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Spacecraft Registry
Sojuz TMA-12
Soyuz TMA.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullSojuz TMA craft
Drive Typereactionless drive
Drive RatingMax Speed 0.08c
normally limited to up to 5 minute bursts of 1g
OwnerSpace History Reenactment Group
LaunchedJuly 20, 2012
Primary CrewSergei Kolojewich (mission commander)
Yuri Serpolin (pilot)
Jevgeni Popov (mission specialist)
Operational StatusActive
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The Sojuz TMA-12 is the only craft of the Space History Reenactment Group that happens to be an actual space craft. It had been slated for launch to the ISS, but failed to be used thanks to the appearance of Handwavium.

Known Vehicle Quirks:

I like money: All crew members need to proclaim that they are capitalists to have the Sojuz start up at all.