Sophistical Elenchi

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Spacecraft Registry
SS Sophictical Elenchi
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullNon-rigid Airship
Drive RatingMax delta-V 56 Gs
Flag of RecordCanada
Registry NumberECS-004-GDHND
Launched22 July 2010
PurposePersonal yacht
Primary CrewF (Captain)
Aristotle (AI, SWMBO)
Operational StatusActive
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The Elenchi started off as a prototype blimp created by a company in Vancouver BC. They went bankrupt around the time they finished the blimp, and F managed to get it relatively cheaply at auction after that. It still wiped out most of his savings and he ended up having to move back in with his parents while he scrounged for the parts to build and finish the ship.

The Elenchi's gas envelope is now a rigid structure reinforced by hadnwavium, and containing: A small, but incomplete, hydroponic garden, F's quarters and workshop, the ship's life support systems, power plant and remass storage. The original gondola is now the bridge, the ship's airlock, and p-suit storage. The vectored thrust fans that originally drove the ship are now an acceleration drive.

Before the ship was complete, the collection of ancient, half-working computers that F 'waved and stuffed aboard started talking back to him. The AI decided that given the ship's name, she should be called Aristotle. She and F had almost gotten the ship finished when F heard a rumor that the RCMP were asking questions, and he launched to avoid any problems.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I Know Nothing: The acceleration drive uses reaction mass, but no where near as much as it should as long as F doesn't think about it or try to work out the math.
  • This Far And No Farther: The FTL drive actually works the same way that most other FTL drives work, except it can only be turned on for a specific amount of time, long enough to take the Elenchi just over four light years. It also produces a massive power drain.
  • Whistle While You Work: The handwaved photo-electric Ivy that serves the Elenchi as a back up power source likes classical music. It takes months for it to get tired of a given piece too.
  • It's Alive!: The capacitors that F is installing to handle the FTL power drain glow strange colours. He thinks they might be talking to each other.
  • Just A Few More Minutes Dad: The Elenchi's interior is unfinished, and it is possible that F may never be able to finish it.

Known Crew Quirks

  • Why Can't You Just Say My Name?: Everyone who meets F ends up calling him "Furry" after a while, for no particular reason. He finds this incredibly annoying.
  • Who Was That Unmasked Man?: F wears a battered Tilley hat practically everywhere, people don't recognize him with out it. It may or may not have been exposed to handwavium.
  • Such A Nice Girl: F's grandmother doesn't quite seem to understand that Ari' isn't a human woman no matter what F or Ari do to try to explain.


  • The FTL drive has two labels that F didn't put there. The first says "Superluminal Conductor" in a tasteful sans serif, the second reads "Warning: Contraterrene Matter" in large, unfriendly letters.
  • The first use of the FTL drive almost killed F, as it left the ship dead in space near Alpha-Centauri. He barely got the systems back online before the oxygen ran out.