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Spacecraft Registry
Starbug 1
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom (three deck mining hauler)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (Gravity drive)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.05c
OwnerJeph Antilles
Flag of RecordJupiter Mining Corporation
Registry NumberStarbug 1
LaunchedOctober 2008
PurposePersonal transport/cargo hauler
Primary CrewJeph Antilles (Commander, pilot)
Myk-El Miller (Co-Pilot)
Nene Romanova (Communications, Engineer)
R2-G0 (Support Droid)
Auxillary VehiclesCerulean Edge ('waved Saturn SL)
StarJumper ('waved Mini Cooper S)
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by JFerio)

The last big 'wavium project Jeph had before he was forced into exile from the 'Danelaw, it started life as a handful of scraps and three large industrial tanks. The ship was designed after the (in)famous vehicle from the old Red Dwarf show, which shows in its quirks. The ship made a hurried departure from Earth in October 2008, caught up in the hysteria from the launch of Ptichka during a test flight.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Just Let Your Hands Work The Controls As If You Were Straight: The first launch from any hangar facility will result in Starbug clipping the edge of the doorway. Starbug will suffer no damage, and neither will the facility.
  • Smoke Me A Kipper: At least once a week the kitchen food recycling facility must be used to make a vindaloo dish. Should this not be done, any further food will be bland and unsatisfying until a vindaloo dish is made.
  • A Long Afternoon Slob: No matter how much effort is applied, one of the cockpit seats will always have bits of nut shell, masticated toenail clippings, and other such debris working its way out of the crevasses.
Starbug 1 logo

Known Crew Quirks

Myk was not originally a willing passenger, having been on board during the abortive test flight. However, he's taken as well as most fen to life in space.


Starbug 1 is based on the version of Starbug that appeared in the sixth series of Red Dwarf, since this provides the best internal setup for long hauls.


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