Starbug 2

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Spacecraft Registry
Starbug 2
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom three-deck passenger transport
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (gravity drive)
Drive Ratingmax. velocity 0.05c
OwnerJupiter Mining Corporation
LaunchedJuly 2014
PurposePersonnel transport
Primary Crew3
Other Crew15 passengers
Auxillary VehiclesIronhide (panel truck)
Operational StatusActive
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Bearing only an outward resemblance to her 'sister' craft Starbug 1, Starbug 2 is specifically designed and constructed to serve as a lodging and filming vessel for television show crews on especially large or long term contracts.

Internally, the ship is considerably more subdivided than Starbug 1, ironically resembling the fourth series version of the ship. Most of the open space that constituted the common room has been compartmentalized to provide additional bunks, a somewhat larger galley space for meals, two offices for a director or producer, and a storage area for gear for a production crew. The upper deck quarters area is given over to the JMC crew for the ship.

Additionally, the ship boasts several hardpoints and accessways to mount cameras externally. These are shielded appropriately for most any camera equipment a film crew may field, and include adaptable cabling to connect the cameras to recording and control hardware.

While the ship is meant primarily to supplement Starbug 1 in television contract fulfillment, there is sufficient cargo space and dedicated facilities available that she can be used when there are two separate but concurrent show contracts to be filled.

Her first 'role' was bringing a crew along for a special series of 'Long Way' with Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Don't Rush Me!:' Anytime anyone on board is in a hurry to get moving, the engines take 50% longer to actually cycle up than normal.
  • Watching My Knickers Spin Dry:' Doing laundry in the provided facilities on board ship will shrink a random pair of boxers, or, if everyone on board prefers briefs, will replace a pair of briefs with boxers, usually with no discrimination for gender or preferences.