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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Stardust
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullSpherical station with equatorial ring
Drive TypeReactionless drives
Drive RatingStation-keeping only[1]
Armamentconcealed point defense weapons[2]
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionUnited Stars Organization - Perry Rhodan fen
Registry NumberL5-K
Launchedfirst parts build in late 2009
not finished
PurposeSubfaction home base
Primary Crew8 June 2012
Other Crewapproximately 1050 people
Operational StatusActive
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Immediately after the United Stars Organization during GarchingCon 8, plans for Stardust were drawn up and enacted. Contacting Rockhounds and Hephaestus for raw material and other structural elements, the station grew from a basic station made from standard containers arrayed in a 50m meter sphere in its center like an onion with three layers around the center until reaching its full size of 800 meter (with 100 meter of equatorial ring) in late 2013.

Additionally to the outer hull the upper hangar ring, north of the equatorial ring was finished, circumscribing half of the station with a height of 90 meters and 90 meters depth, named "Meekorah Aerospace Port". Connected to the upper hangar deck is the main deck, named 'Deck 20' with a height of 20 meter ceiling height and up to five lower layered in between, and half of the space open to the public and the rest only open to the USO. There is also a circular park around the central sphere.

A part of "Meekorah Aerospace Port" is not accessible to the general public and used as a drydock.

Construction on Stardust continues to this day to fill out the mostly hollow structure of Stardust with additional 41 decks and a second lower hangar deck. It is expected that the USO will be finished with their construction somewhere in the 2020s.

In mid 2015 Deck 21 was opened and Stardust began to export 'Vurguzz', one of the best beers in fenspace. Rumors have it that the USO wants to use the entirety of Deck 19 as brewery and export larger volumes of 'Vurguzz' to fenspace.

Several other smaller Germany and European based fen groups have made their home in the public sector of Stardust. In some cases, like that of the Orionites, they are even allowed access to the non-public areas of Stardust.


  1. At least that is what the USO says
  2. It is rumored to have several larger weapons