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Spacecraft Registry
Starhound class
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom built, based off the atmosphere jet 'caprica viper' from the flight sim shown in Caprica series.
Length13 m
Width6.5 m
Drive Typex2 turbo-thrust engines
Drive Rating0.10c
Armamentx2 30mm gauss weapons 4x medium under wing mounts
Primary ManufacturerBoskonian
LaunchedEarly 2012
Primary Crew1
Operational StatusActive
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The Starhound class is based off the jet fighter seen on the Caprica TV series as part of a flight sim, known as the Caprica "viper" in the BSG fendom. The name Starhound is a nod to the ToS:BSG. Designed and built by a Boskonian BSG:Caprica fen for use as a main stay boskonian fighter. However the Boskonian could never build enough to offset the numbers of Zigs built by the fen. The Colonies currently have a bounty on the designer's head, who is still at large. The very existence of the fighter drives most Colonials nuts, mainly because it was built by the enemy.

The Starhound looks like someone took the basic design theory of a Viper Mark II and built a twin engine jet fighter with parts from a F-4, F-18 and the nose from a ME-109.

In 2015 the Galacticans launched a redesign of the fighter called the Starhound Mk II

Class Quirks

Old school Cylon: To start the fighter the pilot must shout the phrase "By your command!"

Emergency Jacket: The class preforms best if a battered leather flight jacket is kept within the craft, most put it in the pilot's emergency kit.

Known Fighters

Captured Fighters

Doghouse: Stolen, believed to be the first of the class.

One Wing Angel: Defected, one wing painted to look like a white feathered wing with a golden 'halo' around the nose cone. Rest of the fighter painted a flat black.

Pure of Heart: Captured, Gold with white trim, piloted by a Senshi. Fighter along with two others captured from a minor boskonian base while still packaged from shipment. Employed as a Op-force for training Senshi pilots.

--Pure of Love: Captured, piloted by a Senshi, Gold with white trim.

--Pure of Justice: Captured, piloted by a Kamen Knight, Gold with white trim.

9th Life: Stolen, catgirl victim escapee

Boskonian Fighters

Redwing: A pure white fighter with one red wing piloted by a unknown Boskonian ace. Shot down during the Serenity Valley battle by the pilot of the Doghouse.

Blackwing: Redwing's wingman and fell Boskonian Ace. Pure white fighter with the opposite wing from red's painted black. Believed shot down by One Wing Angel during the battle over Boskonian One.

Lawn Dart: Infamous among boskonian pilots for the number of times it's been forced to make belly landings. Nose cone jokingly painted to look like a giant grass stain while the rest of the fighter retains the boskonian off-white color. Truly lived up to it's name during the battle of Serenity Valley, it's remains have been left where it crashed.

The Last Token: Minor Boskonian Ace, standard colors with tumbling gold game token decals - Fate unknown

No Cash Value: The Last Token's wingman, standard colors with name in large bold letters along the nose. - Destroyed beyond repair while still on the launch ramp by 9th Life's pilot during her escape - Pilot's fate unknown.

Justice's Bane: Piloted by a Dark Kingdom Senshi, Standard colors later black with gold trim - Fate unknown.


Starhound Mk II - The Starhound mk II is based off the Boskonian built Starhound class fighter. After the war the Galacticans gained access to the blueprints and a number of air frames. They began a complete rebuild of the design, improving the engines, avionics, and weapons. Solving the wingtip light missile mount issue the Boskonians never could. Bringing the total mounts to two light and four medium.

Currently the design suffers the stigma of being a design that was originally used by the Boskonians. However the Galacticans are slowly working to erase that stigma and make the design their own.

Launched 2015

Starhound Mk II-a - Re-enforced undercarriage and airframe allows for a heavy belly mount also rigged to take a external fuel tank. Continued refinement of it's other systems.

Launched 2016

Starhound Mk II-b - Undercarriage redesign and airframe re-enforcement allowing for two heavy under wing mounts, both rigged to also take external fuel tanks. Engines replaced with Graystone Aero-spike turbo jets. These more powerful engines help offset the extra weight from the now heavier airframe and weapon loads..

Launched 2017


Starhounds are surprisingly nimble and fast in atmosphere.