Stephen Caldwell

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Stephen Caldwell
ResidenceBenjamin Franklin Station
NationalityUnited States of America
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EmployerUnited States Air Force
Commands heldTransrationality Science Assessment Bureau
Benjamin Franklin Station

Colonel (USAF) Stephen Caldwell is the Director of the Transrationality Science Assessment Bureau. He's a bit of a cipher; he's a faceless "The Man" compared to the fendanes that make up most of the TSAB - more George Hammond than Jack O'Neill, the Jean-Luc Picard to our Jim Kirk. He avoids fen politics for obvious reasons. A lot of fen consider him to be more than a bit of a stick-in-the-mud by-the-book Herbert; he isn't, he just "plays one on TV."[1]

Caldwell is the US Government's Face in Space, and right now, that Face is mildly disapproving of all the ruckus the young whippersnappers are getting up to. Not that the person behind The Face necessarily disapproves - witness his covert acquiescence to Chris Marsden making off with a few scrapped Tomcats and such - but he's constrained by his duty in how he can express that, and he takes that duty seriously.

If you can get past that, he's a fairly decent guy; most of the TSAB staff really like him because he (from their point of view) Gets It, even though he still has to enforce the rules and come down on them sometimes. Most Fen have never seen that side of him, and Marsden is sworn never to mention the three occasions on which they have shared a beer.


  1. He did authorize the formation of the station's astroball and quidditch teams, after all.