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Despite this page's name, this is not a complete list of Fenspace Stories - people keep forgetting to update this page as well as the season-specific pages.

See Category:Fiction for a complete list of Fenspace stories.

Season 0

With a Wave and a By Your Leave
Written by Griever; posted January 15, 2007
September 13, 2006 - May 10, 2007: Early fun with handwavium.

Gina and The Bullet Boy Express
Written by blackaeronaut; posted 25 January 2007 - 25 August 2008
Fall 2007: How to build the car of your ... is "dreams" the right word here?

Surfing with the Alien 1: He Does Not Know Himself By Such a Title
Written by ClassicDrogn, re-posted 6 August 2007
Mid-2007 - February 2008 (with a framing story set in mid-2013): The last of the first, and the first of the new, begin to make their way in the worlds.

Surfing with the Alien 2: It's Not Easy, Being Green
Written by ClassicDrogn
Immediately after Surfing with the Alien 1: Angst does not become him.

Log of the Long-Term Autonomous AI Experiment
Written by Rob Kelk; posted 14 July 2008
Warning: Adult Themes Discussed
March-June 2008: The record of an early attempt to awaken some AIs.

A Rock and a Hard Place
Written by Griever; posted December 20-31, 2006
Spring 2009: Don't make Katz angry. He serves his revenge cold.

Chrysanthemum Day
Written by Rob Kelk; posted September 5, 2009
September 9, 2009: An unusual visit results in an unusual image.

Buckaroo Banzai and the Fen from Space
Written by Ebony; posted January 2, 2007; revised January 12, 2007
August 2009: The Blue Blazers go spaceside.

That's not a shuttlecraft, it's a bulldozer!
Written by Kokuten with contributions from Feinan; posted January 14, 15, 17, 18, and 27, 2007
mid-2008 - September 24, 2009: Early adventures with land-grabs, and why Fen help each other.

Christmas in Fenspace
Written by CattyNebulart, posted 17 December 2006
December 25, 2009: Even Mad Scientists celebrate the holidays.

Project Stargazer
Written by HRogge, posted on March 4, 2011
January 1, 2010: A different kind of New Year's resolutions.

Surfing with the Alien 3: Can I Drive Your Magic Bus to Surf City?
Written by ClassicDrogn, re-posted 6 August 2007
March 2010: Re-inventing the wheel (for the 600th time) to make a place to call home.

So You Want to Come to Fenspace?
Written by Herr Bad Moon, with commentary by Rob Kelk and SkyeFire; posted May 27, 2007
June 17, 2010: Fenspace's resident historian offers tips to vacationers.

We don't need that hammer, Lucifer...
Written by Rob Kelk; posted January 15, 2007; revised April 2, 2007
June 30, 2011: When an asteroid move goes horribly wrong, only a few amateurs stand between it and Earth.

First Flight
Written by Rob Kelk; posted April 2, 2007
February 29, 2012: A mothballed aircraft design takes flight, thanks to a few Fen.

Zwilniks Off the Starboard Bow!
Written by Feinan; posted December 31, 2006
March, 2012: The Jason is approached by a client he doesn't care for.

A funny thing happened on the way to the shipyard...
Written by Duane Peters; posted January 6 and 17, 2007
March 31, 2012: How can the US Navy handle the quirks of handwavium? By assigning a very special crew to a very special ship...

Tell Your Children When
Written by Robert M. Schroeck; posted March 27, 2007
April 20, 2012: Disturbing Implications of Land Rising into the Sky, from the 'Dane point of view.

Disturbing Implications of Land Rising Into the Sky
Written by Acyl, Ebony, M Fnord, Herr Bad Moon, Rob Kelk, Kokuten, and Bob Schroeck, so far; posted March 12 - May 1, 2007, so far
Work In Progress
April 20, 2012: It takes a spacecraft to raise a village.

SMOFcon Politics List - April Political Roundup
Written by M Fnord; posted May 9, 2007
May 1, 2012: A snapshot of the world just before SOS-con.

Crazy Little Idea
Written by Robert M. Schroeck; posted on January 14, 2007
after Disturbing Implications of Land Rising into the Sky: Not all Fen went into space...

Every corner of the universe needs a Cat Lady...
Written by Ravynlocke; posted December 18, 2006
date unknown: Oopsie...

Klatchian wot?
Written by Vangeek and Kokuten, posted August 7-8, 2007
date unknown: A truly Fennish bean.

quirky tech
Written by Griever, posted 8 December 2006
date unknown: Just one of the perils of messing with AI

Lifting the Masaka
Written by Evil Midnight Lurker, posted 9 December 2006
date unknown: Launching from Earth takes a while

Soap Bubble
Written by Valles, posted 10 December 2006
date unknown: It's a wonderful night for a ... sorry, that's the wrong Moondance

If at first you don't succeed
Written by HRogge and Dartz; posted March 24th, 2011
May 7th 2012: Doing good things can be harder than you think.

Written by Brian Webb, posted 11 December 2006
May 7, 2012: Fixing the place up before friends come calling

Untitled Blue Blazer adventure 1
Written by Ebony, posted 30 May 2007
date unknown: Sometimes you have to do what you have to do

My New Friends
Written by JFerio
Date Unknown: The birth of Nene and Geo.

Starbug 1 (Story)
Written by JFerio
October 2008: Starbug 1 launches with a little rocket assist.

(May 2012 - January 2014) Great Justice and the Boskone War; the Miranda mission; the Delta Pavonis expedition.

Season 1

Convention Thread GO! (wikifying in progress)
Written by lots of folks; posted in 2006-2007
Work In Progress
May 7, 2012: The decision to begin Operation GREAT JUSTICE, with a station-load of subplots.

Game of Kings
Written by Kokuten; posted January 21, 2007
June 3, 2012: What can golf teach us in space?

Entertaining the troops(?)
Written by Rob Kelk; posted April 19, 2007
June 6-10, 2012: Some battles aren't fought with weapons.

Roosting, or a Poem on the Wall
Written by M. Fnord; posted January 14, 2008
June 17, 2012: Even in the glorious future of Fenspace, some rivalries die hard.

Written by JFerio
June, 2012: In the wake of the expansion of Jupiter Mining Corporation operations in support of the war effort, there is a Boskonian attempt on the CEO's life.

The 2012 Season
Written by Rob Kelk; posted February 12, 2008
June-September 2012: Let's take a break and play some games!

Are We There Yet?
Written by Foxboy and Kokuten; posted August 31, 2007
July 17, 2012: Not every launch is expected...

FTL Newsfeed #235
Written by murmur the fallen; heavily revised by Rob Kelk and Mal Fnord; re-posted December 19, 2007
August 20-21, 2012: The perils of taking somebody's word for something.

News from the 'Danes
Written by Kokuten; posted January 14, 2007
November 2012: Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Interview with a Zwilnik
Written by kestrel404; posted January 18-19, 2007
Work In Progress
during the war: An ambulance driver learns why someone would become a criminal.

Written by ClassicDrogn; posted January 22, 2007
December 12, 2012: On the final day of the Mayan calendar, the universe as we know it comes to an end.

Rock 'n Roll Time
Written by Kokuten; re-posted February 10, 2007
during the war: Do unto others as they have done unto you.

Untitled MARS adventure 1
Written by KJ; posted March 26, 2007
during the war: Even in Fenspace, war is the same...

Untitled Hephaestus adventure 1
Written by Kokuten; posted March 28 and April 3, 2007
during the war: Wire Geek reports from the front.

With Liberty And Great Justice...
Written by Rob Kelk and Griever, so far; posted May 28-29, 2007, so far
Work In Progress
February 2013: One, two, three, what are we fighting for?

Paving the road to Hell
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted June 20 and June 27 2007
Warning: Adult Themes Discussed
March - April 2013: Good intentions strike everybody, and they don't always work out...

Untitled Schroedinger adventure 1
Written by Griever; posted April 17, 2007
March 2013: There's no such thing as a “typical” boarding.

Journeys through tarnished dreams
Written by Cobalt Greywalker, with assistance from Rob Kelk; posted July 1 to December 3, 2007
Warning: Adult Themes Discussed
April 13 - 21, 2013: Transporting bad news through a darkening Solar System is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

King of Fen?
Written by Cobalt Greywalker, KJ, Rob Kelk, Ebony, ClassicDrogn, and Kokuten; posted July 15 to July 19, revised/reposted August 7, 8, and 19, 2007
April 14 - April 18, and May 10 2013: Thread drift casues a new game to be born.

Spider Symposium Briefing
Written by Griever, KJ, Rob Kelk, and M. Fnord
May 22, 2013: Plans and plans...

There's No Such Thing...
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted December 30, 2007
April 30 - May 21, 2013: ...<insert expression here>, because even success causes trouble...

The Littlest Gun Bunny
Written by Brian Webb; posted July 1, 2009
May 8, 2012: There are many kinds of vermin, but not all exterminators are this cute.

Legend of Galactic Girls
Written by Rob Kelk, with assistance from Bob Schroeck, M Fnord, Ebony, CattyNebulart, and Cobalt Greywalker; posted July 31, 2007 - Dec 11, 2007, so far
Work In Progress
May 29 - June 5, 2013 (with a prologue in June 2008): Strange Visitors from Another Reality visit Fenspace, and nothing will be the same again...

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Written by M Fnord; posted Feb 3 2010
May 30, 2013: A funny thing happens on the way to Mars. Side-story to Legend of Galactic Girls.

Follow up is never fun
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted April 26, 2010
June 6-7, 2013: Chasing down the leads from Legend of Galactic Girls.

Surfing with the Alien 6: Eight Simple Rules
Written by ClassicDrogn, posted 25 July 2008
June 2013: Words to live by... or, at least, words to fight by.

Into the Great Wide Open
Written by M Fnord, Rob Kelk, LilFluff, KJ, Foxboy, Griever, Vangeek, ECSNorway and Cobalt Greywalker; catherded by M. Fnord; started August 14, 2007 with no end date in sight.
June 30 - December, 2013: Interstellar exploration with the Space Commies; the Soviet Air Force expedtion to Delta Pavonis.

Raid for Pinky
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted January 27, 2008
July 7 - 8, 2013: Even simple things get complicated.

Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted September 27, 2008
July 23 - 24, 2013: Doing Good, because we can.

Boarding Action
Written by Brian Webb; posted August 31, 2008
December 11, 2013: Operation Great Justice Space Marines deal with a slaver raid.

Season 2

Yet Another Bright Idea
By the Fenspace Collective, posted 2-6 April 2010
February 11 - 14, 2014: Even a can of worms needs a place to live.

With This Station-Ring
Written by Rob Kelk with scenes by Cobalt Greywalker and kibitzing from the Fenspace Collective; posted 10 January - 12 April 2009
February 20 - March 15, 2014: The biggest social event in Fenspace since Kandor-Con - cue the Wedding March.

Mr. Fnord Goes to Washington (Not a Heartwarming Frank Capra Movie)
Written by M. Fnord, with scenes by Rob Kelk, Ebony, ECSNorway, BlackAeronaut and Cobalt Greywalker; posted 29 March - (foo) 2009
March 13 - 25, 2014: Congressional subpeonas and Space Communists collide in the US Capitol. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

[Tech Report] Following the Curve 2014
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted 7 January 2009
May 12 2014: Let's see all the shiny new toys.

A Great Multitude of Wings
Written by Fenian; posted January 17, 2009
April - September 1, 2014: The Jason rights a great wrong.

The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space
Written and drawn by Brian Webb; initial post July 1, 2009
September 8, 2014: Something is happening in the 'Danelaw.

Written by Dartz and HRogge; posted September 2, 2011
November 2014: Not all problems can be resolved with a shooting gun.

Bootup, a Fable for Space Shuttles
Written by M Fnord; posted June 5, 2008
November 15, 2014: A beginning is a very delicate time.

The Second Annual Port Phobos Invitational
Written by Brian Webb, Blackaeronaut, Rob Kelk, Feinan, ECSNorway, Ebony, Foxboy, Cobalt Greywalker and Duane Peters; posted December 19, 2008
January 15-16, 2015: Welcome back to Port Phobos, body armour and silly string recommended.

Launch time
Written by HRogge with parts by Mal-3 and Blackaeronaut.; posted on 11th March 2011
March 23, 2015: ESA and JAXA takes a step into a new world.

Some serious work
Written by HRogge; posted on August 31th, 2011
March 2015: Sometimes coming back from a mission is just the beginning (followup of Shadowrunning 1/2).

The Rocketship from Mars
Written by Dartz; posted June 05, 2011
May 2015: A motorcycle journalist covers a land speed record attempt. A redefinition of the mean of speed.

Little things can be important
Written by HRogge; posted on September 11, 2011
Spring 2016: Even being careful does not protect you against surprise.

The Spectre has arrived
Written by HRogge; posted on October 04, 2011
Summer 2016: Getting support is hard, even with a small faction.

Its never too late for some trouble
Written by HRogge with parts from BlackAeronaut; posted on November 23th, 2011
Late Summer 2016: The Boskonians are gone, Fenspace has peace... really?

Starts with a little bang
Written by HRogge; posted on November 21th, 2011
Autumn 2016: Not all scars are physical.

The Spectre is back
Written by HRogge and Warringer; posted on January 08, 2012
Christmas 2018: Sometimes your Christmas gifts are late.

Tales about the other side of the screen
Written by HRogge; posted on January 22, 2012

The Gas Station
Written by HRogge; written in 2012-2013
New visitors at Saturn.

Tales about little friends
Written by HRogge; written in 2012 - 2013
Telling stories about the past for your children.

Mixing Minds
Written by HRogge; written in 2013
2021: Not all experiments go smoothly, especially self experiments.

Fenspace Infinities

Nextgen Stories

Written by Kokuten; posted April 4, 2007
well after Operation GREAT JUSTICE: Power!

Written by M Fnord; posted April 22, 2009
2021: Wheels within wheels, secrets within lies. The Soviet Air Force plays a deeper game than most people.

Archimedes' Lever
Written by M Fnord; posted March 21-23, 2007
Incomplete (Abandoned)
2088-2098: The Singularity finally happens… but not in the way that anyone expected.

Lessons Learned
Written by Catty Nebulart; posted May 20, 2007
Around the year 2100: The one thing we can learn from history is that we don't learn from history.

Angels and Wizards
Written by Cobalt Greywalker; posted August 31, 2008
June 13-16, 2103: In the shadows of the Pyramids of Mars, the falling standards of Hogwarts are discovered.

Surfing with the Alien Ω
Written by ClassicDrogn; posted 25 July 2008
Date Unknown: Nothing is eternal.

Reflections of an Immortal
Written by Rob Kelk; posted March 16, 2007
May 21, 2208: Being alone makes for a miserable two-hundredth birthday.
One of the important specifics in this story has been invalidated by With This Station-Ring

Miscellaneous Nonsense

How to Crossover Battlestar Galactica with Fenspace Without Breaking The Setting (Too Much)
Written by M Fnord; posted May 7, 2008, revised October 30, 2008
Pretty much just what it says on the tin. Not to be taken too seriously.

The Trekkist-Jedi Cladewar
Written by M Fnord ca. 2001; posted to the Fenspace forum March 25, 2010
A look at one of the early progenitors of Fenspace, originally written for (and rejected by) the Orion's Arm worldbuilding project.