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The Surprise is an Aubrey class search-and-rescue patrol vessel owned by the Sailor Armed Militia. It is based out of Thunderbird 5 at Earth-Luna Lagrange Point 1, providing emergency services throughout Cislunar Space in cooperation with the Blue Blazers.

The ship was commissioned on March 2, 2012, just before the start of the Boskone War.


As of December 2014, these five people were assigned to crew the Surprise.

Super Senshi Diana Eccles
Captain/Pilot. Little is known about Captain Eccles' life before she joined the Sammies, although her accent hints that she might be from somewhere in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. She's a serious person who doesn't tolerate tomfoolery on her ship during a mission, and rarely makes jokes at other times.[1] Captain Eccles has been aboard the Surprise since its commissioning.
Star Senshi Dr. Josie Wingham
Medic. Josie has been assigned to the Surprise since February 2013, when Captain Eccles requested the ship's previous medic be transferred to a planetside hospital. The other crew members (especially Captain Eccles) watch Josie very carefully, but she appears to be thriving under the strain of emergency medicine. Josie has been a licensed physician for five years, gaining her credentials through the University of Toronto, Canada. She self-identifies with Sailor Mercury despite being pale-white and 5'10" tall.
Star Senshi Tracey Johnson
EVA / Rescue Specialist. Born and raised in Grangemouth, Scotland, Tracey gained her Urban Search and Rescue certification in 2009 (at age 21) and emigrated to Crystal Tokyo the following year. She was quickly recruited by the Sammies for her knowledge. After it became obvious she wasn't temperamentally suited to teach, she was re-assigned to the Aubrey Project, where she served on the design team for the medical and EVA bays of the Sammies' new Aubrey-class patrol vessels. She quickly moved to the front lines, where she is best suited to serve. Like Captain Eccles, Tracey has been assigned to the Surprise since its commissioning; the two women share a close platonic friendship.
Planet Senshi Marie Carlisle
Engineer. Marie is suspected of being a Mad, but never claims that title for herself and never enters Iron Inventor matches. She does have a talent for keeping the ship's systems running on a budget smaller than any other Aubrey-class patrol ship, though... The others have nicknamed her "Mama C" after her name, age,[2] and favourite music.[3] The only thing Scottish about Marie is her family name; she's originally from Indianapolis, USA. (Marie and Tracey occasionally make jokes about trading places in the ship's roster because of their homelands.) She has served aboard the Surprise since July 2013.
Trainee Senshi Betsy Hounslow
Trainee Senshi Betsy Hounslow, in high-visibility-orange duty uniform
Supernumerary. Barely past her 17th birthday, Betsy is the youngest person ever to be assigned to an Aubrey-class vessel. She has only been aboard Surprise for a month, and so has just started learning her trade; she is currently working under Tracey toward gaining her Search and Rescue qualification. Betsy is more an "Age of Sail" Fan than a "magical girl" Fan, and is embarassed when she has to wear the Senshi uniform on formal occasions. Her family has lived in Kandor City since they came Up from Nottinghamshire in 2011 so that her father could teach at NIT.


  1. Captain Eccles also isn't much of a Spike Milligan fan.
  2. Marie is the oldest person aboard the Surprise, being 42 years old.
  3. All folk rock, not just that of The Mammas and The Poppas.