Tabitha Doe

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ResidenceSS Pinafore
NationalityFenspace Convention
PartnerJoseph Corcoran

Primary Writer: Foxboy

Crew member, SS Pinafore


The person later known as "Tabitha Doe" was a taxi driver who developed a sleep-teacher device, and used it to teach herself several foreign languages by loading Pimsleur CDs into it.

Then she was captured and forcibly biomodded into a catgirl. Her captor figured out how to use her invention to train Boskonian slaves (what he loaded into it is best left to the imagination of the reader) and was testing the procedure on Tabitha when Captain Corocoran effected their rescue. Tabitha herself loaded several of Captain Corcoran's Gilbert and Sullivan DVDs and modified herself to better please her master.

Sadly, the multiple rewrites to her personality make it unlikely, should her previous identity be discovered, that she'd ever be able to be restored to status ante bellum.


Tabitha's demure, devoted, and everything a Victorian romantic interest should be. She refers to herself dramatically. "Good Captain, 'tis I, your Tabitha, who loves you well!"