Takumi F.

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Spacecraft Registry
Takumi F.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRoadrunner class transport frigate
Drive TypeIon thrusters, Reactionless thrusters
Primary ManufacturerSEBureau
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionStellvia Corporation
Registry NumberL5-U-001
Launched1 July 2013
PurposeCargo transport
Primary CrewCarlton Waggoner (Captain)
Ella Jaros (Helmswoman/Navigator)
Warren Tipton (Engineer)
Vander Rycenga (Cargomaster)
Operational StatusActive
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The Roadrunner class supply ship Takumi F. is owned by Stellvia Corporation and based out of Wonderland. She usually runs produce from Wonderland to Genaros and "previously-enjoyed produce" back to Wonderland.

In November 2015, Takumi F. was temporarily reassigned to serve as the supply ship for the first exploration mission to Zeta Tucanae.


There are four people in the permanent crew assigned to Takumi F.

Carlton Waggoner
Ship's Captain. A native of Berlin, Carlton was hired by Stellvia Corporation in 2013 because of his training as an air-freight pilot.
Ella Jaros
Helmswoman/Navigator. Fifth of seven children in a Polish-American family from New York City, Ella came to space in 2009 in order to strike it rich. (Unlike the Takumi F.'s other crew members, Ella is a Belter, not a generalist.) All the money she made from prospecting went to the people who maintained her ship, though, so she decided to work for one of the companies that was able to keep the riches she dug up.
Warren Tipton
Engineer. An Englishman from the Midlands, Warren is Fendane rather than Fen; he sees space to be a place to work, not a place to live permanently.
Vander Rycenga
Cargomaster. Born and raised in Den Haag, Vander went into space to get away from his parents (who both work for the International Court of Justice). He's slowly learning how to maintain the ship's systems from Warren, and how to fly the ship from Ella.