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Dogs And Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria!

From the main article: "Dee’s outing to Fenspace at large would be big, and it would be messy. How messy? Well, it would probably involve at least one major confrontation with the Galacticans, ‘Danelaw involvement and lord only knows what else."

Who would line up on which side?


  • The Soviet Air Force, of course - she's family.
  • Some of the Trekkies, because of the philosophy of IDIC and the example set by Data.
  • The few members of the Galacticans who are on Colony, in solidarity with another machine intelligence.
  • Stellvia Corporation, both for their corporate tolerance of intelligence in all its forms and the large number of AIs on the senior staff.
  • The "Howard Foundation" Heinleinians, for the factional appreciation of intelligence.


  • A large chunk of the Trekkies, because of the philosophy shown by "Kirk the computer killer" and the example set by Lore.
  • The Galacticans who aren't on Colony, because of the "frakking toaster" mentality.
  • Most of the Warsies, because 'droids aren't supposed to be "better" than humans.
  • A noticeable fraction of the Pulpers, especially The Quatermass Institute; "godlike" computers are in the antagonist camp in their source material.
  • the 'Danelaw, for the same reasons as the Quartermass Institute.

Not Sure:

  • The Interstellar Alliance - the only AI on Babylon 5 was kept turned off, but that's only one data point.
  • The Timelords - usually, AIs in Doctor Who are eeeeevuuulll, but one can argue the TARDIS itself is an Omega-class AI.

--Robkelk 01:51, 15 August 2011 (UTC)