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In case anyone wants to expand the writeups of minor factions to the same level we're aiming at for the Big Six (which is not necessary for "NPC" minor factions, IMHO, but whatever floats your boat), here's the page layout. Copy and paste, then replace the italicized text with real content... --Robkelk 15:25, 6 December 2012 (UTC)

This box: view  talk  edit

(capsule blurb goes here)


(start at 2008, start new paragraphs at the start and end of the Boskone War so that the material for Season 0, Season 1, and Season 2 are separated)


(start with the internal politics - form of government, existing groups/blocs/parties, etc.)


(the armed forces - who are they, how powerful are they, what do they do when they're not fighting a war, where are they based, what do they use, what citations do they award - most of this should be in its own article, with a capsule-and-link on the main page)

Relations with other factions

(here's where the external politics goes)

Future plans

(plans for Season 3/Infinities)

Administrative divisions

(what it says on the tin - describe each in a separate subsection)


(internal and external - give an overview of the faction-wide economy, then highlight each major economic engine in a separate subsection)


(start with population and largest settlement)

Ethnic groups

(list the prominent and notable groups - Primarily anglophone white nerds to begin with, because that's the nature of early Fandom, but Fenspace starts to change in Season 2)


(list the prominent and notable groups - roughly 1.3% of the overall Fenspace population are biomodded as of the end of Season 2, some factions are heavier on the biomods, some are lighter)


(list and quickly describe any notable groups within the faction (e.g. Trekkie:Klingon, Fiver:Technomage, Senshi:Action-Girl))


(list them - official languages if they exist, then common-use languages)


(what do they do? why do they do it? keep in mind the "stereotype" line in the faction box, but don't be straitjacketed by it)

Psychology and stereotypes

(develop that "stereotype" line in the faction box)


(if there's an official religion, give it a quick description; otherwise, discuss what religions if any are practiced by noticeable groups in the faction)

Law Enforcement

(who enforces the law? how well or poorly do they coordinate with the Patrol?)

Notable Faction Members

(a quick "term and definition" style list, with links to the character pages)


(what other groups say about the faction)