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This is the information sidebar template for space vehicles and space stations.

This template does not include any page categories or end-of-page navigation box. When using this template at the start of a page, please also add the appropriate navigation template at the end of the page: {{Space Craft}}, {{Space Ships}}, {{Space Vessels}}, {{Space Stations}}, or {{Space Docks}}. The Spacecraft Registry page has definitions of these terms.

 |shipname     = 
 |shipimage    = 
 |caption      = 
 |hull         = 
 |length       = 
 |width        = 
 |height       = 
 |mass         = 
 |drivetype    = 
 |driverating  = 
 |weapons      = 
 |manufacturer = 
 |owner        = 
 |flag         = 
 |faction      = 
 |registry     = 
 |datelaunched = 
 |purpose      = 
 |crew         = 
 |supcrew      = 
 |auxvehicles  = 
 |status       =