The DeSoto Adventurer

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Spacecraft Registry
The DeSoto Adventurer
Desoto adv sedan.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull1960 Hard top DeSoto Adventurer sedan
Drive TypeSpeed
Drive Rating0.07c
  • Jam launcher[1]
Primary ManufacturerChrystler
OwnerGreat Justice
Registry NumberID
Launched12 August 2009
Primary Crew1 pilot
Other CrewUp to 5 friendly passenger
Operational StatusActive
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Open vehicle, created by Brian Webb

'Waved in early 2009 by TBD[2], the DeSoto Adventurer is exactly what is sounds like, a classic 1960s car from Chrystler that's been 'waved into a space craft. It is unknown if the DeSoto was obtained in its police paint scheme, if it was made so deliberately by the 'waver or if it just happened. The DeSoto was loaned to OGJ after SOS-con and its original owner has never asked for it back, for one reason or another. As such it is one of a number of vehicles maintained by OGJ for general use.

Class Quirks

  • Don't call him an ape: The thing in the car's engine is a lagamorph, not a hyperkinetic rabbity thing. In fact, it's probably better not mention the 'r' word at all in the car's vicinity, just to be safe.
  • They go in mah belly: The car runs on, or at least demands, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and needs to be refuelled regularly.
  • And now, on with the Mel Brooks references.: When traveling at maximum speed the DeSoto leaves a plaid light trail behind it, this will be red or blue shifted depending on the observer’s relative position.
  • Can't stop me now: There is a slight, but measurable, chance that any album (CD, tape, 8-track, vinyl, reel-to-reel tape, wax phonograph cylinder, platinum trophy[3]) left in the glove compartment will be turned into a Best of Wham album[4][5]


  • The DeSoto's license plate reads 'Id'.
  • There are a pair of Sam and Max figurines hanging from the rear-view. They have been super-glued in place.
  • The plaid effect is, when blue shifted, the Nova Scotia Tartan.
  • The interior of the car has bench seats. Appearances to the contrary are the result of the silly twit who drew The Mystery forgetting to check his references.


The DeSoto has appeared in the following stories:


  1. Raspberry is, of course, the preferred ammunition, but marmalade will do in a pinch.
  2. It is currently unimportant who 'waved the DeSoto, but if it is important to your story feel free to make something up
  3. Randy Bachman may yet speak to us again, someday
  4. Yes, we know it's supposed to be Queen
  5. Attempts to determine why this is wrong have so far lead only to restraining orders from Misters N. Gaiman and T. Pratchett