Thomas "Tom" Zhu

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Thomas Zhu
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesTom
CitizenshipThe Island
EmployerFloating Island Pte Ltd, Island Real Estate Investment Trust
TitleEngineer, Guy Who Refuses To Leave
RelativesEric Zhu (cousin)

Primary Writer: Acyl

Island Engineer

Mundane Attributes

  • Nepotism: Eric Zhu's cousin. They're best buddies some of the time, mortal enemies others. Eric can't kick Tom off the station, though, and Tom refuses to leave.
  • Scotty: Tom is an aerospace engineer by trade, and was instrumental in getting the Island spaceworthy. Gwen did most of the 'wavium, but he did the hardtech.

Handwavium Ability

  • Shocker Legit: Immune to electrocution. Strange affinity for electricity. May well be a power source. On the other hand, he always has bad hair days, and dear GOD that beard...


  • Frankenstein: Since the Island's been spaceborne, Tom's ideas have been getting increasingly odd, even by Fen standards. He's an avid follower of the Professor, and that whole incident with the nuclear-powered Audi sedan made everyone nervous.
  • Four Legs Good: He's messy as a pig. And about as weird, politically speaking, as ones from Animal Farm. Socialist with a side of anarchy, disdains 'danelaw. He's a comedian, though, so it's devilishly hard to tell if his political diatribes are serious.