Thomas & Allison Dobbs

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Thomas Dobbs
ResidenceSS Pinafore
NationalityFenspace Convention
RankGunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps
OF-8 Troubleshooter, Great Justice
Spouse(s)Allison Dobbs
Awardsseveral Purple Hearts
Allison Dobbs
ResidenceSS Pinafore
NationalityFenspace Convention
TitleCertified Public Accountant
Spouse(s)Thomas Dobbs

Primary writer: Foxboy

Gaming stats

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Back off man, I'm a CPA! Allison is an accountant. A good one. Including the ethics most folks don't attribute to acountants and lawyers.
  • Semper fidelis: Thomas is a veteran of the Second Iraq war, having attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, receiving several Purple Hearts.
  • In sickness and in health: The Dobbses still love each other, despite the weird changes they've recently undergone. Allison is currently Thomas' rock, while adjustments are still being made.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Anna, Uni, and Ringo Puma: The Dobbses look like Shirow's Puma Sisters, as reimagined by MEE of Hyper Police Fame. That is, Blonde, curvy, and really cute. Unusual for biomods, the Dobbses have identical bodies, and are very similar to "Tabitha's" mod.
  • Snikt! The keratin analogue in their fingernails is very tough, making their apparently well-manicured nails into servicable claws, with homeostasis causing them to grow back to "weapon" length no matter how often Tom bites them off. (the only way they can be cut with common tools)
  • Did you hear that? They have appropriate senses for their cat ears and slitted eyes, as well as the innate grace and flexibility of most Feline-inspired biomods.


  • Sweet nectar...: The Dobbses require Fanta soda in their diet, or they get irritable. Allison prefers Strawberry, and Thomas prefers Grape. They both get drunk on Root Beer of any brand.
  • Overcompensation: Since regrowth from Homeostasis prevents Thomas from significantly altering her appearance (a crew cut grows out to Glam length in three days), she acts extremely macho. Also, she is the "weapons nut" of the crew.
  • Fashionplate: Allison enjoys her new figure and dresses to impress her husband.