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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullcustom Hull
Length167.55 m / 267.55 m with extended arms
Width67 m / 97 m with extended Arms
Height25.6 m / 45.6 m with extended Arms
Mass5,854,325 kg(empty)
9,443,287 kg (max)
Drive Type7x Hawk MKII ArcJet Ion Engine (speed drive)
7x Philo MKIII Fusion Torch acceleration engines
Drive Rating0.025c with Ion Thrusters
Max Acceleration 30g
Max Delta-v: 44000 km/s without external tanks, 50000km/s+ with external tanks
Armament6x 20mm Railgun Defense System
dual 75 mm Coilgun turret
Primary ManufacturerWhistler Services
OwnerWhistler Deep Space Services
FactionRhodanites (Pulpers)
LaunchedMay 16th, 2012
PurposeOrbital Debris Collector/Orbital Maintenance Craft
Mobile Dry Dock
Primary CrewJeb Kerman (AI)
Naedial Warringer (captain)
Arno Nym (faktotum)
Auxillary Vehicles6x Orbital Sled
Operational StatusActive
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With the relatively large success of Whistler Orbital Services, good company finances and a good number of problems with people who have problems with theior own space ships, Naedial suggested in mid-2010 to build a larger purpose vessel that can act in the same way as the Toy Box, but also offer Dry Dock capacities for space ships in dire need for repair.

Rather then order the ship from someone else, the people of Whistler decided to take stab at building another ship. Not taking any more contracts for the time being, aside from their long term contract, they began to build the Thrillmaster in late 2010.

However it was initially planned to name the ship Henry Whistler, but as soon as Jeb came online, he named the ship Thrillmaster and threatened everyone who did not use his name to use as test subject for an experimental rocket.

In its basic shape the Thrillmaster is build from a larger number of 40 foot ISO containers, like most Whistler constructions, but with a larger internal bay and a dedicated workshop. To service vessels and ship larger then the internal bay a number of extensible arms are included into the design to keep the ship or vessel marooned close to the Thrillmaster.

The Thrillmaster got internal fabrication facilities in the form of a conventional workshop and a unique Fabber system consisting of robotic arms, three professional 3D rapid prototyping machines and a good dozen RepRap Darvin devices. All machines in the Fabber are waved to increase the productivity and the quality of the end product.

The Defense System was added as an after thought with the growing number of Boskone Incidents in late 2011, before SOSCon even started.

The dual 75mm coilguns are late addition after SOSCon, when it became apparent that potential jobs may be in combat zones and the Thrillmaster could need some offensive punch. Offensive is the best defensive after all. To offset a certain lack of armor a shield was cobbled together, but that has its own problems.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Vorsprung Duct Technik: If something on the Thrillmaster breaks, they strangely enough most things run better after being repaired with duct tape. However the crew makes normal repairs pretty fast or most parts of the ship would only be kept together by duct tape. Only the coffee machine is not repaired normally as the coffee is the best damn coffee this side of Earth since a duct tape repair.
  • Ba Dum Dish: The ships sound system plays a rimshot every time someone cracks a joke. Regardless of how bad it is.
  • Needs more Boosters: Somehow all ships that are repaired by the ship leave with a couple of boosters attached to them. No one has any idea where they come from or who mounted them. Once ignited the boosters wobble. A lot!
  • It can toast? Sometimes the Fabber system integrates a toaster into a system it builds. It does not matter of it is a pump or a large engine.
  • Oh shiny! The shield of the ship has the tendency to become very visible and sparkly when it is activated, making it an ideal target. At least it migrates about 75 percent of the potential damage of any weapon.

Known Crew Quirks

  • Yeeeeehaaaaaa! As soon as the ship activates its acceleration drives, Jeb’s face can be seen on every non-vital screen, with a huge grin on it, while he is generally cheering. If there are any problems during acceleration, he cheers even more. Speeddrive travel is boring to him...
  • I got me a rocket: Jeb usually tries to build hardtech rockets in his spare time. Most fail spectacularly.
  • They are everywhere: In late 2012 Jeb build a couple of Kerbal robots to help the crew. They eventually developed slightly demented personalities and can be found just about everywhere on the ship. Someone once commented that they are a strange mix of Rabids and Minions... And not even Jeb has any idea just how many he build as he left the ships Fabber active without control for a few days. A few of them can make a mean toast...


  • In late 2015 the Thrillmaster proved to be capable of servicing the Starfleet vessel Alan Sheppard after it had a run-in with a larger asteroid that damaged the ships engines.