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ResidenceThe Inelegant Truth
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationShip's gofer, The Inelegant Truth

Primary Writer: Herr Bad Moon

The runaway orphan answering only as Toni has a tendency to be moody, short tempered, sarcastic, flighty, lazy, smug, and frankly a gigantic bitch at times. So she's a normal teenager. On a crab fisher. In space.

Mundane Attributes

  • Maxwell Q. Klinger! Is an adept scrounger and can find the best deals.
  • Space Monkey: Acts as the ship's gofer, and is steadily learning all the trades.

'Wavium Abilities

Unknown. Supposedly none but has a way with ships that is a little unreal. And she's not telling. See Quirks.


  • Somebody has to be the ship's River: Simultaneously fulfills the crew compliment of Mysterious Past and Unearthly abilities. She knows how to make boats do what she wants, and whether that is knowing how to sweet talk AIs or something else is unknown.
  • NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME Also is the ship's daily compliment of teen existentialist drama and snarky rejoinders.