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Spacecraft Registry
Toy Box
Toy Box.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullIntermodal Containers with fiberglass and sheet steel body
Length31.24 m
Width8.32 m
Height8.89 m
Mass253,231 kg
Drive Type3x Philo MKII Fusion Torch acceleration engines
Drive RatingMax Acceleration 25g
Max Delta-v: 44000 km/s without external tanks, 50000km/s+ with external tanks
Primary ManufacturerWhistler Services
OwnerWhistler Orbital Services
FactionRhodanites (Pulpers)
LaunchedSeptember 21st, 2008
PurposeOrbital Debris Collector/Orbital Maintenance Craft
Primary CrewFee Carmichael (AI)
Naedial Warringer (pilot until 2012)
Danni 'Thora' Koslowski (Flight Control)
Thorsten 'Bully' Lehmann (Engineer)
Alexander 'Mehandor' Zweigart (Engineer)
Auxillary Vehicles2x Orbital Sled
Operational StatusActive
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One of the first purpose build Fenships. Its from the ground up intended to do orbital salvage and maintenance operations in Earth Orbit and Cislunar space. She's however known to operate in other parts of the solar system.

While Ptichka is known to have done a number of maintenance operations, the Toy Box is operating on several long term maintenance contracts with SES Astra, Eutelsat S.A. and Hughes Communications for their GEO communication satellites.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Smoker: Since the character Fee is modeled after happens to be a heavy smoker, the air aboard the Toy Box always smell faintly of tobacco.
  • Burning through the sky: Unless the Queen song Don't stop me now is played during the first 3 minutes 29 seconds of a long term engine burn, the engines will turn themselves off after 3 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Shakin!: Any engine burn over 2g is going to shake the Toy Box as if she was falling apart for about twenty minutes, even if the burn end earlier or later.
  • Whipple whipple: Since the Toy Box is equipped with a whipple shield, it seems as if the ship is a magnet for micrometeorites and micro-debris. Thankfully there is never a hull breach or damage done to any vital part of the ship. The hull does look like a patchwork quilt through.
  • Floating around in ecstasy: Even since her launch from Earth, the Toy Box is a micro-gravity environment. There is no gravity in the ship, save for the kitchen, the bath/toilet and the beds of the crew. There is no gravity even while under acceleration or while landed on a planet.

Known Crew Quirks



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