Tranquility Base National Park

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The center of Tranquility Base National Park

The only United States National Park that is not actually on Earth, Tranquility Base National Park encompasses a 25-square-mile region centered on the Apollo 11 landing site[1] in the middle of Port Luna. A transparent lunar-glass wall over ten meters in height, patrolled by the US Coast Guard, fences off the actual landing site from tourists in order to preserve Armstrong and Aldrin's footprints and the equipment they left behind, but the wall is handwavium-enhanced and will provide magnified images. A nearby Visitor's Center houses a museum, a theater in which a 20-minute film about the Apollo 11 mission runs on continuous loop, and a scale model of the site which can be explored with interactive camera drones.

The land was originally claimed by Fen, who donated it to the US government on the condition they turn it all into a National Park.


Tranquility Base National Park is the setting for A Return Visit.


  1. Specifically, it's centered on the memorial plaque. "Here men from the planet Earth, first set foot upon the Moon July 1969 A.D., we came in peace for all mankind."