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BornSS Uncertainty
ResidenceSS Uncertainty
NationalityFenspace Convention
Known forBeing the Hacker Underspace's most powerful hacker
Near-insane bloodlust
ParentsKatz Schrödinger (creator)
Relativesd'Sparil, Harlequin, Viola

Primary Writer: Griever

Trigon is an AI construct, imprisoned in the physical structure of the Uncertainty, who came about during the first drive expansion project of same.

With a red-skinned, four-eyed avatar, a megalomaniac bent and a taste for all things chaotic and destructive, there's a certain amount of confusion as to why he's not been locked away somewhere where he can't really cause more ... fracases than he's capable of from within a spacecraft.

And Katz ain't telling.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Because I'm the Devil, That's Why! - Very Bad Man. Will, if not explicitly told otherwise, tend to take the path of most resistance because there's more of a chance to cause wanton destruction along the way. Needless to say, he's rather unprincipled and amoral, and it's a wonder to most just why he even listens to his creator ... and a source of relief that he does, because the prospect of this being unleashed is not an attractive one.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Convert now, and fall forever ... wait, what? - through interaction with both traditional media streams and various Handwavium emanations, it is within his ability to hijack most, if not all, electronic systems. The amount of effort is dependant on whether or not there is a resident AI already present in-system, for instance, but he's shown himself capable of the occasional subtlety and can sneak things under the noses of all but the most security-dedicated ones. Not that he bothers to, all that often.
  • Malicious Gear Solid - while migratory, to a degree, and extending through the drive network of the Uncertainty, his core is very definitely within the original Solid that serves as the ship's centerpoint. Thus, he can and at certain times did exist outside of his ship of origin.
  • Chaos Overwhelming! - his presence is so overbearing, that 'sharing space' with other personalities and even quirks is something he finds nigh-unbearable. Thus, he doesn't. When directly tied into a new system, he proceeds to root out and nullify/suppress even already present characteristics and personalities - caution and controlled access gateways are a must in such a situation.


  • Kill it! Kill it with FIRE! - ... when it suits him, he can be subtle. But really, he'd rather just burn it all to hell and be done with it as soon as doing anything else. Likes big explosions.
  • No, the world revolves around me! - what it says. Egomaniac. Megalomaniac. Superiority complex. Etc.