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Spacecraft Registry
Ultima Station.jpg
Ultima Station with SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri docked, 2024.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom-built hull modules
Length352.65 m / 1157'
Width472.65 m / 1550'
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Armament1 concealed point-defence turret
Primary ManufacturerStellvia Corporation
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordStellvia Corporation
LaunchedFebruary 2019
PurposeSupply Depot, Point of Presence
Primary CrewR. Miyuri Akisato (commander)
R. Shinji Ikari (chief of security)
others to be named later
Other CrewR. Yuu Inagawa (Hotel Ultima majordomo)
many others
Auxillary VehiclesRinna Kazamatsuri
Amaterasu (Bolitho class, station commander's gig)
Operational StatusActive
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Ultima is a space station owned by Stellvia Corporation. Established at The Limit on the line between the centers of mass of Sol and Beta Hydri, it has been the supply base for the Rinna Kazamatsuri and the unofficial endpoint for other trips between Sol and Beta Hydri, Delta Pavonis, and Zeta Tucanae since the station's opening in 2019.

As is standard in all Stellvia Corporation and Artemis Foundation installations, Ultima has its own Interwave and Halcyon nodes. They are oversized, overpowered, and triply-redundant nodes, capable of maintaining connections between Sol and both the Delta Pavonis and Zeta Tucanae systems simultaneously and without assistance. (As of 2024, nobody has been foolish enough to colonize the Beta Hydri system.)

Ultima also has a local Metaverse node, running an extra-high-level instance of the virtual environment. This node has an experimental holotech interface that allows people to use it as a "holodeck" as if it was an average-level instance without using a specialized interface, and is direct-connected to a matching node on Stellvia. Amongst other applications, this lets people coming in from interstellar space place orders for custom-fitted clothing (and other gear) with the merchants on Stellvia and have a reasonable expectation that their orders will be ready when they reach cislunar.

The station's commander is Miyuri Akisato, who previously served as the chief Aerospace Traffic Controller on Stellvia (thus continuing the tradition set by Odyssey of promoting a Stellvia ATC chief to command a StellviaCorp station).

The Tourist Experience

Ultima is out of the way, but it is the "last gas and eats for 20 ly" facility between Sol and Delta Pavonis...[1] and Δ Pavonis is the home of the Tannhauser Gate. It's also not too far from the line between Sol, Nostromo, and Alpha Centauri. Thus, the station does get a small-but-noticeable tourist trade.

Ultima has a small hotel aboard, as is typical of Stellvia Corporation's ring stations. Yuu Inagawa is the majordomo of the Hotel Ultima, which she runs in a laid-back, relaxed manner. The hotel's attached restaurant, Miela's, has a very good dessert menu.

As for other shops on the Promenade, the basics are covered by 2022, but you're going to have to head to "civilization" (cislunar, Mars, Venus, or the Jovian subsystem) for anything particularly fancy or unusual. The Metaverse connection helps make that process less dreary, though.

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  1. And it's also home to a large medical facility.