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Spacecraft Registry
SS Uncertainty
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullpocket cruiser
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (variable configuration Alcubierre Drive)
OwnerSEBureau, by ways of Hermes Universal Deliveries
Registry NumberSEP-X-13
LaunchedMay 10, 2007
PurposePrivate yacht, technology testbed, Trigon's prison
Primary Crew
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Griever

Known Vehicle Quirks:

  • "The Cat is Dead ... no, wait" - in a strange twist of fate, there seems to be cat occupying quarters aboard the ship. Katz has never seen it, Trigon has never seen it, but sometimes it meows. And sometimes it seems like somebody's ripping it apart for violin strings. Putting cat food and cream in the forward hold every few days seems to help in stopping the latter. Any and all attempts at manufacturing an automated dispenser have failed.
  • "Label - Occupant" - there have occasionally been signs of other quirks manifesting, but they hardly lasted over a day. It stopped once the energy sails were put into operation and Trigon Quickened. The general consensus is that he leaned on them until they knuckled under. On the other hand, the paintjob of the boat has been a uniform, cobalt blue ever since - a color the AI deeply despises.

Known Crew Quirks:

  • Trigon - he's a quirk all by himself.


  • a 'malfunction' in the drive array had nearly catastrophic consequences, nearly resulting in a firestorm that would have caused considerable damages to local flora and fauna of Towra Point Nature Reserve, Botany Bay, Australia. Fortunately, the potential disaster was averted. Since then, the Captain has taken all possible precautions to make sure it could never happen again (most of these involved locking Trigon out of the control critical circuits when he's not on-board).
  • was involved in an incident in the Indian Ocean involving 'daneside pirates. The immediate events remain unknown, however one may speculate that the visit and vacation at Hidden Asteroid a month afterwards was a direct result.