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Vario in her most common "cocoon mask."
Bornofficially February 12, 2010(2010-02-12)
KA Preiswert
ResidenceKA Preiswert
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
OccupationJack of all Trades for Whistler
EmployerWhistler Orbital Services

Handwavium Abilities

  • Body Snatcher?: Vario's main body is a roughly egg-shaped torso of 'waved metal with extendable tentacle-like arms and legs. However, she usually wears a "cocoon mask" that gives her a more normal look. Her usual mask is that of a 6-foot anthropomorphic toy dragon.
  • Now you see me now you don't: She has several cocoon masks that give her a human look and let her fade into the background of any gathering of humans. Integrated equipment manages to spoof most sensory systems.
  • What a nice Signal: Due to her SigInt background she is very apt when it comes to SigInt analyzing and recording.


  • I can't sing, I can't dance: Vario does not communicate in a normal sense. She does not talk, she does not use written or typed text to communicate. It usually creeps people out that she doesn't, but after about thirty minutes everyone does know what she wants to communicate anyway, which is even more creepy. Okay, but Vario can dance rather well...
  • Damn kids and their newly fangled toys: Vario's main CPU and mainboard were salvaged from a SigInt spy satellite that was launched in the '80s, which was accidentally 'waved in a Handwavium spill. She tends to show her 'ancient' age when it comes to her hardware.


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