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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4, with Dodge Stealth badging
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax Velocity .12c sustained, .13c burst (causes heat accumulation), .132c "full burn" (sacrifices thrusters in addition to burst mode, no heat
Flag of RecordHSF-000 Hephaestus
Registry NumberHSF-009
PurposePrivate transport
Primary CrewWire Geek (pilot)
V (AI)
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Wire Geek

HSF-009 "Vioarr" is an AI-controlled 2-door sport coupe, with similar airlocking capabilities to her sister Millie.

Chassis: "V" is based off a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4, with Dodge Stealth badging. She's fast fast fast, and very hard to see when she doesn't want to be seen. Her shell is variable reflectivity, on all wavelengths from IR to multi-ghz microwave. She also has "store and forward" invisibility capability.

AI Core: V was CarPC'ed from an 8-way cluster of low-power VIA setups, bossed by a quad-core Intel machine. The resulting AI is almost disgustingly frugal in energy usage, but tends to multitask on an instinctual level, which works out beautifully with her normal operationals.

Drive: Dual Adjusted Mass reactionless rotor, Lithium-Polymer-Handwavium backup pack. Acceleration, backup propulsion is low-ob liquid Nos thrusters, good for "some" manuevering and accel without energy signature.

Vioarr is most definitely Hephaestian. If you'd like her to turn her coat, don't be surprised if you somehow end up working for Hephaestus as well... Girl's wicked.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I can outrun that, I can outrun anything: V is a very swift ship, but she's not the fastest thing in Fenspace, and that's a sore spot with her. Unless she's "on a job," V is a sucker for a race, and her agility and multitasking serve her in good stead pushing through the asteroids.
  • Hey, look over there! *poof*: V is a stealth platform by primary design. When found, she's fond of cheap sucker ploys and overcomplicated gambits to lose her observer, but is not above simple misdirection or distraction. Whatever works.
  • Stupid big galoot, get off me!: Publicly, V is less than fond of Hephaestus' flock of Suburbans, but they love her almost as much as they love her "younger" sister. In private, when she thinks noone is looking, V will "pet" or play with the Boys.
  • Uhm, you're gonna put that Where?: V's trunk is half Adjusted Mass rotor, half tankage for the NOS thrusters. The backseat has been given over to lithium-ion pack and electronics. The passenger seat is cramped in by displays and auxillary controls, and the driver's seat is the only truly open seating. Cargo capability isn't just limited, it's vestigal.


  • V's AI Core could have gone schizo during Quickening... but it didn't. She's a remarkably stable single personality that happens to be capable of multithreaded thought, as well as "focussed multithread" on a single problem. This giver her incredible versatility with her processing, but leaves a possible vulnerability to personality fragmenting either by attack, or under extreme stress.
  • Even though Millie is the chronologically and experientially older of the two, V thinks of her as a younger sister, due to her less worldly outlook.
  • V looks forward to this whole "no handwavium weapons" thing being worked around, because she has dreams of silenced long-range sniper shots. Doc Raven has blocked her access to the John Ringo and David Marcinko, but her obsession remains.


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